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Village School Voice - 20170512

Dear Parents,

PYP Exhibition
Throughout this week our G5 students have presented their research projects as part of the PYP Exhibition. This has been an incredible experience for all the students as they incorporated the Five Essential Elements of the PYP: concepts, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and action into their Exhibition projects. Last night, students presented their finding to parents, friends and local community members. Our students performed extremely well in the theatre, and students articulated the process of their learning journey extremely well. I asked many students, 'What have you learned about yourself as a learner during this Exhibition process?' Many students responded that they realized that they could learn more and be very successful if they can follow their passion. There is a message here for teachers and parents. Many thanks to all the parents, teachers, mentors and members of our community for supporting the G5 students during their Exhibition.

Student Council
As a community, we continue to value student ideas that lead to meaningful action. Members of our student council have recently brainstormed different ways they can enrich student life and provide more opportunities to have fun. As a result, the Student Council has organized some fun "Spirit Day" activities. We are very fortunate to have such creative and proactive students!

Wednesday, May 17: Dance Day
Monday, May 21: Time Traveller - dress a person from the past or future
Wednesday, May 31: Summer Time - dress in your summer outfit
Monday, June 5: Extended Play Day

Parent Workshop on Sleep
This past Thursday, Dr. Hyon Lee from Gachon University Gil Medical Center ran a workshop discussing the effects sleep have on a child's cognition, learning, behavior, and health. The 90-minute workshop covered recently found research further emphasizing the importance of sleep. Below are some of the key takeaways and research that Dr. Lee shared:

  • If a child does not get enough sleep, he/she may experience similar (ADHD) type behavioral symptoms.
  • Lack of sleep does not only slow down brain functions but also leads to the development of behavioral symptoms similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); difficulty paying attention, problem listening, forgetfulness, disorganization, impulsive behavior, inability to sit still, tendency to interrupt, difficulty sharing or waiting for their turn.
  • In average, Korean elementary students sleep for around 8 hours when the recommended sleep hour is 10-11 hours.
  • 61.4% of young people suffered from chronic stress in 2014 with pressure from school.
  • 52.6% students lack sleep because they spend time studying at night.
    Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a bigger emotional issues like depression and suicide.
  • 36.8% of secondary students answered that they had had suicidal thoughts in the past year due to poor grades.
  • Sleep is imperative for not only regeneration and the reinforcement of attention and long-term memory, but is also instrumental in the removal of "brain waste."

 For access to the powerpoint of Mr. Lee's presentation, please head to the Parent Portal under resources.

CI Family Fun Day
We are very excited about this wonderful Family Fun Day that CIPA is organizing. Below is information that I am passing on from CIPA.

Date: Sunday, May 21 2017
Time: 1pm - 5pm

1pm - 4pm: Food Court, Carnival Games, Jumping Castle
2pm - 4pm: Flea Market
3pm - 4pm: Melting Marshmallow
4pm - 4:30pm: House Activities
4:30pm - 4:50pm: Performance
5pm - 5:30pm: Clean up

Admission ticket for this carnival is 10,000 won per person.
Today is the last day to purchase tickets. Please contact grade-parents to purchase tickets.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Julian Taylor

Village School Voice - 20170407

Dear Village School Parents,

It was amazing to observe our students sharing their learning with their parents throughout the day. Students took great pride in confidently articulating their knowledge and understandings. There were wonderful opportunities for parents and students to participate in fun learning activities together. This was a great example of experiential learning at CI and having parents involved in this process has extremely positive benefits for the students.

Thank you parents, students and teachers for helping to make this an enriching experience for all.

Terry Fox Run at Chadwick International

Terry Fox was a Canadian who lost his right leg to cancer when he was only nineteen years old. Despite this life-changing loss he decided to take action by running more than 5,000 kilometers across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Starting in April 1980, he ran a marathon on one leg every day for 143 days. Sadly, Terry was unable to finish his run across Canada as the cancer spread to his lungs and he died in June, 1981 at the age of twenty two.

‚ÄčEvery year across Canada, and in dozens of countries around the world, Terry Fox Runs are held to raise money for cancer research, to honor those who lost their battle with cancer and those fighting cancer as well as to acknowledge Terry Fox's epic achievement. Chadwick International has the honor of hosting Incheon's first-ever Terry Fox Run on Sunday, 23 April. Registration will begin at 2pm and the run will be begin at 3pm.

Each CI student will be able to register up to four (4) family members for the run. Family members who are not the parents' of a CI student will have to sign a waiver form at registration. If the family member is under nineteen years old, a waiver will have to be signed by their parent. CI students will be given a registration form and donation sheet in the weeks prior to the run. The run will take place in and around the CI campus. There will be a 2.5 kilometer circuit for students Grade 3 and up and students in Grade 2 and below will be running on the track. Please read the important information below regarding parents' responsibility of their children during the event.

Please watch a short video on the Terry Fox Story HERE.

Donations should be made in advance through students' pledge sheets. Additional donations can be made at the run and also online at Click on the red icon of Terry Fox over South Korea and follow the payment instructions.

All proceeds will be going to Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute here in Songdo. For more information, please go to


  • Parents are responsible for their children's safety and behavior, at all times.
  • Please do not bring food to the event. Snacks and drinks will be available for sale from CIPA. However, bottled water will not be sold in the name of sustainability. Please bring your own reusable water container, drinking water is available at the water dispensers by the soccer pitch. Stay hydrated.
  • Please do not bring bikes, scooters or soccer balls etc. to the event.
  • Parking on campus is limited so plan to use public transportation or park off-campus. Vehicles will only be able to enter at Gate 2 and it will close at 2:45pm or when parking on campus has reached capacity.
  • To enter campus, participants will have to show the event admission pass that will be attached to the registration form students receive.
  • Participants may choose to run the 2.5 kilometer circuit more than once however the event ends at 4:30pm.

Looking forward to your support!

Class Placement for 2017/2018

Chadwick International Village takes class placement seriously and carefully considers not only students' academic needs but also their social emotional growth. Friendships and positive working relationships between students are considered as well as optimal learning environments. Administrators and teachers work together in this process. We strive to balance classes by gender to the extent possible and also consider social climate, peer relationships, and learning profiles. We are committed to doing what is in the best interests of the children, individually and collectively. We ask that parents not make specific requests for teachers. What appears to be a simple request is seldom a straightforward matter given all of the factors we consider in making placement decisions. It is important to understand that the ultimate decision about placement rests with the school. However, if you do have information that you feel would be helpful in the placement process, please communicate it to the classroom teacher and principal before May 1st.

Thank you.

Julian Taylor
Village School Principal

Village School Voice - 20170317

Dear Village Community,

We all enjoyed an incredible musical performance from our talented VS students last week. The Most EPIC Birthday Party Ever musical comprised of many student performers, backstage student crew members and a number of teachers. Congratulations to all the students involved as well as the many adults who supported the students throughout the process. Great job and special thanks to Ms. Brister, Ms. McGrath, Ms. Hudkins and Ms. Dwyer. Please click below to enjoy the show. Thanks Ms. Newsome for putting these together. 

Road Safety - Student Action

Students and teachers continue to grapple with different questions every day at CI. Having a Keen Mind is an important part of our mission and we love being curious. One question that we continue to ask ourselves is:

How can our students promote greater road safety and awareness in our community?

Last year a number of students had the opportunity to design a poster and logo to promote Road Safety. During assembly a poster designed by Yujin (Eugene) Lee was shared with our VS students. We want to make Songdo safer for students by:

  • Stopping at red lights
  • Watching cross walks for students before entering intersections
  • Wearing helmets when on wheels.

A road safety logo was designed taking creative ideas suggested by William Park and Gloria Park. A sticker of this road safety logo has been created and handed to every VS student. Each student is given two stickers. We want each student to keep one and hand one of these stickers to an adult family member or driver to remind them to keep our roads in Songdo safe for children. Thank you all for your support to spread this important message in our community.

USA Women's Alpine Ski Team

Last week we were very fortunate to have the USA Women's Alpine Ski Team visit CI and speak with our students. The team were asked some great questions by our Upper School students and it was very interesting to hear the various responses and insights. One of the strong messages for our students was to 'Dream big' and continue to follow a particular passion that you enjoy. Very good advice! Thank you to Victoria Botvin for connecting the team with CI.


We have noticed that Pokemon cards are proving to be a major distraction for students on campus. These cards are also causing conflict between students. As a result, we want to ban Pokemon cards from the VS. Students are no longer allowed to bring Pokemon cards to school. We would appreciate your support in this area. Students will be informed about this at the assembly on Monday.

Book Fair - A Message from Ms. Jager

The 2017 Spring Book Fair will be held from Wednesday, March 22 - Friday, March 24. Parents are welcome to come and the Fair will be open from 8:00am to 4:00pm each day. The Book Fair will be held in the Theater Hallway 2F which is next to the Middle/Upper School Library and across from the Black Box Theater.

Student Led Conferences(SLC) Friday, April 7

Students are in the process of preparing for the student led conferences that will take place on Friday, April 7. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to share and reflect on their learning journey for this year. Students take great pride in sharing their experiences and understandings with their parents. There will be an opportunity to sign up for your child's SLC time next week. Classes will not be in session on this day.

Students from Grade 1 - 5 are expected to attend with a parent or a guardian on this day. K parents will meet with their child's class teacher on this day. PK parents have already connected with their child's teacher. Buses will not be operating on this day.

More information will be outlined next week.

Visiting Authors

This week Mr. Kenneth Oppel spent time with our Grade 2 - 5 students. Next week, Margaret Read MacDonald will work with our PK - Grade 1 students. Our students are very fortunate to have these renowned authors share their expertise and passion for writing and storytelling with our students. Thanks Ms. Jager and Ms. Donahue for organizing this opportunity for our students.

Thank you.

Julian Taylor
Village School Principal

Village School Voice - 20170303

Dear Village Community, 

Last week there were a number of parents and students who visited CI as part of the admissions process for prospective students. I took this opportunity to speak with many prospective parents to reinforce the importance and our belief in our school mission, our core values as well as parents as partners. Prospective parents were reminded that as adults we all have a responsibility to aspire to be positive role models for our children. Leading by example will help our children better understand the importance of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness and Compassion. 

I share this as it is important for parents and faculty members to continually reflect on our vital role in this area.

Julian Taylor
Village School Principal


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