Think. Do. Lead.

Dara Bradley

Faculty Information

Village School
VS Grade 4 Teacher


B.A., History, University of Liverpool, England

About Me

About Me
I love to read all types of books. One day it might be the latest book on the best sellers list and the next it could be a relatively unknown book on a somewhat obscure topic. I find diversifying my range of reading materials helps me make interesting connections, challenges my thinking and often helps me make a positive change to my life. My Perfect Day would be with my wife, Beatriz, and my young son, Dylan, joining myself for a day of fun and food. A sunny day at the park with a nice picnic or a beautiful river walk to a nice restaurant would be fantastic. After returning home and when Dylan happily drifts off to sleep, a nice glass of wine with Beatriz and listening to some of our favorite music would end the day on a perfect note.
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