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Welcome to the CI family!!!

We are very excited to have you and cannot wait to meet you here at CI. The purpose of this portal site is to help your transition in terms of visa, paper works as well as living in Korea. Please look through the each section of the portal site including Insider Info below, and feel free to contact HR Dept. ( if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you, and even more to meeting you in August!

Master Checklist

  • Immediately
    • Be in contact with the HR Dept. for visa & documents (including your spouse and children)
    • Obtain valid passports for all travelers
    • Begin to complete / compile following CI Personnel docs and then email copy of those docs to HR Dept. at

    • CI-Agreement Form
    • CI-Emergency Information
    • CI-Personnel Data
    • Criminal Background Check
      1. Nationwide Criminal Background Check from a Country of Current Residence
      2. Nationwide Criminal Background Check from Home Country (For USA citizen, it should be issued from FBI)
    • Certificate of Residency: This file is required for tax purpose in Korea. Please have it from tax office country of current residence

  • Three Months Before You Leave
    • Make airline reservations through the LOTTE Card Co., Ltd., a designated school travel agency
    • Obtain a visa issuance number from HR Department
    • Contact a local Korean consulate for visa stamp
    • Determine the method of bringing/storing your belongings & initiate action as needed (Contact the General Affairs Dept. for housing floor layout, furniture & appliances)

  • At Departure Be Sure You Have
    • Your valid Passports with Visa stamps inside
    • Ticket to Incheon Airport (ICN)
    • List of contents for each checked bag of luggage
    • Emergency Contact information for Chadwick International (in case something goes wrong)



Step 1. Begin compiling documents mentioned in Section 2 below.
Step 2. Scan your documents and email them to Songdo HR at
Step 3. Send your documents to the HR Dept. via airmail

(Mailing address: Human Resources Dept., Chadwick International School, 45 Art center-daero 97 beon-gil, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea)
Step 4. The HR Dept. organize them and fill out paperwork
Step 5. The HR Dept. submit your paperwork to the immigration office to apply for your work visa
Step 6. The Immigration office emails us your visa issuance number
Step 7. The HR Dept. send that number to you by email
Step 8. Visit (or mail your passport and other required docs to) the Korean consulate nearest you (Pls. see Section 3 below)
Step 9. The consulate processes the visa, put it in your passport, and give you back your passport


  • The process for work visa stamp on your passport may vary from country to country depending on the Korean embassy or consulate there. While in some countries, individuals may apply for the visa in person, in some other countries, applications are accepted by mail.
  • The cost of the visa stamp, mail/post, faxes, notarization fee and any other related expenses that are required in obtaining the visa (of employee and their dependents) are at the employee’s expense.


It is important that the following documents should be submitted to Human Resources Dept. in person and/or via express mail by May 15. The documents are essential for HR paperwork and obtaining a “VISA ISSUANCE NUMBER.” Please keep the submission due date mentioned above.


    • A.1 Hold a “Teaching Certificate” issued by an authorized governmental body.
    • A.2 Employed by CI through an international job fair.
    • A.3 Worked in Korea for more than 3 years as an international school teacher (E7 visa holder) or an English tutor (E2 visa holder) of a private institution in the past five years.

    [Required documents for Paperwork and Work Visa (E-7) Issuance Number]
    1. Copy of your passport (first page with name and photo)
    2. 3 color photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm size/ a white background): should be taken within the past 6 months
    3. *Apostille on a photocopy of University diploma (Please do not have an Apostille on original University diploma)
    4. *Apostille on a photocopy of Teaching Certificate (if you are type A.1) (Please do not have an Apostille on orginial Teaching Certificate)
      - OR -
      Employment Verification Letter(s) from former employer(s) that shows you have more than 2 years of teaching experience (if you are type A.2 or A.3)
    5. Copy of Transcripts for each degree earned
    6. Resume
    7. *Health Statement (Click here to download the Word file)

    [Required documents for Dependents Visa (F-3) Issuance Number]
    1. Copy of passport (first page with name and photo)
    2. 2 color photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm/ a white background): should be taken within the past 6 months
    3. *Original Marriage Certificate and/ or Birth Certificate of each dependent (to be returned) along with a copy of it

    • The name on the Diploma must be the same as on the passport, including middle name. If not, it is necessary to supply all other documents in order to prove that the person on the passport/diploma is in fact the same person.
    • For the "Apostille on a photocopy of University Diploma, please obtain an Apostille on a photocopy of your diploma from the state government from which you earned the degree
    • For the "Apostille on a photocopy of Teaching Certificate, please obtain an Apostille on a photocopy of your teaching certificate from the state government from which you earned the certificate
    • Employment Verification Letter must be on official letterhead, signed by a supervisor. Employment period should be stated as well.
    • Applicant’s Health Statement must be filled out and submitted with signature. Please disregard the subject, “E2 Applicant‘s Health Statement.” It is also applied for E7 Applicants. Upon arrival in Korea, Korean immigration law stipulates that employees need to get a medical examination done such as TBPE test, HIV/AIDS tests, and so on when they apply for the “Alien Registration Card.”
    • ALL documents in other languages except English should be translated into English or Korean. These documents have to be notarized by a public notary. After that, the same documents have to be notarized by the Korean consulate nearest you in your home country.

TYPE B. AS FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT TYPE A Required documents for Paperwork and Work Visa (E-7) Issuance Number

    1. Copy of your passport (first page with name and photo)
    2. 3 color photos(3.5cm x 4.5cm/ a white background): should be taken within the past 6 months
    3. *Apostille on a photocopy of University diploma (Please do not have an Apostille on original University diploma)
    4. Employment Verification Letter(s) from former employer(s) that shows you have more than 2 years of teaching experience
    5. * Apostilled Criminal Background Check issued by the federal government of your home country
    6. Copy of Transcripts for each degree earned
    7. Resume
    8. Health Statement (Click here to download the Word file)

    [Required documents for Dependents Visa (F-3) Issuance Number]
    1. Copy of passport (first page with name and photo)
    2. 2 color photos(3.5cm x 4.5cm/ a white background): should be taken within the past 6 months
    3. *ORIGINAL Marriage Certificate and/ or Birth Certificate of each dependent (to be returned) along with a copy of it

    • For the "Apostille on a photocopy of University Diploma, please obtain an Apostille on a photocopy of your diploma from the state government from which you earned the degree
    • The name on the Diploma must be the same as on the passport, including middle name. If not, it is necessary to supply all other documents, in order to prove that the person on the passport/diploma is in fact the same person.
    • Criminal Background Check should be issued by your home country’s federal government (Ex. Citizen of USA should obtain it from the FBI). The background check is only valid for six months from the issuing date. *In case your country issues criminal background check documents that are valid for less than six months, please contact the HR Dept.
    • For the “Apostille stamp” on the background check:
      1. Citizens of the USA, Mexico, Australia and Spain, etc. (countries party to the Hague Convention): Please contact your country’s federal or state government to obtain an “Apostille” for the criminal background check.
        In the USA, while in some states, the state government provides an “Apostille” on criminal background check which is issued by the federal government, in some other states, the state government doesn’t. In this case, you shall need to contact the federal government to obtain “Apostille” on the criminal background check.
      2. Citizens of Canada, Brazil and etc. (countries not party to the Hague Convention): Please contact the Korean consulate nearest you in your home country for “Notarization” on the criminal background check.

  • CI HR Dept. will apply for a “VISA ISSUANCE NUMBER,” on behalf of employees at the Immigration Office in Incheon. It will take 10~14 business days to obtain a “VISA Issuance Number.”
  • IN MID-JUNE (The date is subject to the date of obtaining the “Visa Issuance Number”) The “VISA Issuance NUMBER” will be e-mailed to faculty members. Unless requested, original documents will be kept by CI HR Dept. until employees arrive in Songdo.

3. WORK VISA (E-7)

IN LATE JUNE (The date is subject to the date of obtaining the “Visa Issuance Number”)
As soon as you receive your “Visa Issuance Number” from CI, you must submit the following materials to the Korean Consulate nearest you to obtain an E-7 Work Visa stamp in your passport. It should be done before your departure to Korea.

[Required Documents for Work Visa (E-7)]

  1. Completed VISA APPLICATION FORM (dependents also, if applicable)
    * The Form will be available on the website of the Korean consulates.
  2. Your Passport (dependents also, if applicable)
  3. 1 photo for the Application Form (dependents also, if applicable)
  5. Original Marriage Certificate and/ or Birth Certificate for dependents (if applicable)

Please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate by phone, email or fax to find out the process, required documents (if any others are needed besides those mentioned above), time frame and whether you have to present the documents in person at the consulate or if you could complete the process via mail.


Employees are responsible for obtaining their passports and expenses related to the visa application process. Dependents must have their own passports. Please check the following:
  • Be sure EACH PASSPORT is valid for at least six months before date of actual departure from your point of origin.
  • Be sure the passport has enough pages to obtain the Korean visa.


Upon your arrival in Songdo, CI HR Department will assist you in processing documents for obtaining the Alien Registration Card. It is required for all non-Korean nationals to allow them to live in the country. Prior to being issued this card, all employees (not dependents) must undergo a medical check-up. During your orientation HR staff will take you to the hospital, show you around the facilities and take you to undergo this check. This check-up involves blood work and a chest x-ray and will include the following specific tests: Syphilis, HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis-B (antigens and antibodies), GOT/GPT (liver test), HCT Hemoglobin, illegal drug screening, general urinalysis, and cholesterol. Should a person not pass this medical test, the school cannot obtain the alien card for them, and thus he/she cannot stay in Korea and his/her visa will be revoked. Related fees for the “Alien Registration Card” and “Medical check-up” will be paid by CI.

Relocation/Settlement Allowance & Shipping

Relocation/Settlement Allowance

The school will pay you the relocation allowance based on the point of your origin (departing) and family size on the Aug. 25 payday as follows:

(Unit: USD)
Classification Single Couple/Single+1 Family+1 Family+2~
Asia 1,300 1,900 2,400 2,800
N./S. America 1,800 2,400 3,000 3,600
Europe/M.East./Africa 2,000 3,000 3,700 4,400
Australia 1,900 2,900 3,600 4,300
New Zealand 2,100 3,300 4,200 5,200

In addition, you will also receive KRW 500,000 of the settlement allowance upon your arrival at Incheon.


Before you begin packing please call your airline and find out the regulations of check-in baggage such as the limit of pieces of baggage, charge for excess baggage, policy for the pets, etc. It will help you organize your personal effects for the move.

Nearly all items that you will need for daily life are available in Korea. Therefore, you would need to decide if the cost of shipping items is more favorable than purchasing duplicate items here. You may also need to decide the method of shipping – such as “Postal Airmail”, “International Courier” (FedEx, DHL, etc.), or other “Shipping Companies.” In order to make the most appropriate shipping for you, please contact DSP Relocations Asia and check for all costs (printed and “unexpected costs”), expected arrival date, custom clearance, the coverage of services (delivery, etc), so on and so forth.

Designated Relocation Company of CI

[Hyundai International Relocations]

[Allied Pickfords Korea]

[Santa Fe Relocation Services ]

Please contact the designated school relocation company above if you decided to use the shipping company for moving.

Practical Information


Health Insurance

After your arrival, you will receive your and your legal dependents’ identification cards and health insurance membership packets. Our health insurance has worldwide coverage and is effective from August 1, 2015 through the end of your contract term in CI. Insurance claims are processed electronically through the insurance company’s website:

Each faculty/staff member is responsible to file claims in accordance with the policy limitations and deadlines. Please note that most receipts are issued in Korean so if it is necessary to have a receipt in English, you will need to ask for one from the health care provider. For details on coverage and the Providers of Tie Care list, please see the "Tie Care Insurance Benefit Guide."

Other Insurances

You are also covered under the Life/AD&D insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

Salary & Banking

During the first week of orientation, the HR Department will assist you in opening the KEB bank accounts and will answer basic banking related questions. To help your international wire and local bank transfers, the HR Department will also assist in setting up Internet banking program in your Mac laptop after you obtain Alien Registration Card and other necessary bank credentials. Detailed information on the internet banking process will be provided later.

The school will directly wire your salary to your Korean Exchange Bank (KEB) accounts (in both USD and KRW accounts) in Korea. You will receive the salary & annuity in USD while the meal & utilities allowance will be in KRW. The payday is the 25th of the month from August (current year) through May (following year). In June, you will receive the combined salary for June and July before you leave Songdo for summer break.

Practical Information

Driver’s License
If you intend to drive in Korea, please bring your national or international driver's license. International licenses are valid during the term of validity. The term of validity is limited to one year and upon expiration, an international license cannot be renewed but instead must be converted to a Korean license. To exchange your driver’s license for a Korean one you must obtain the registration card. You also need to provide a full license from your home country. This service will be available at the Driver’s License Agency in Seoul Global Center (3rd Floor, Press Center, Tel: 02-2075-4127 / available 09:00am ~16:00pm, Monday to Friday) or Incheon Motor Vehicle Services Agency (Gojan-dong 521-12, Namdong-gu, Incheon. Tel: 1577-1120) available 09:00am ~17:00pm, from Monday to Friday

For the exchange of your driver’s license to a Korean license please see the following documents:

1. Applicants must hand in their foreign driver’s license (valid) before being issued a Korean license in exchange. When it’s time for you to leave Korea, you can get your foreign driver’s license by showing your passport and airline ticket.

2. Apostille on the valid driver’s license: Please contact the Notarization Department of the State Government and ask them if they provide the citizen with this service.

3. Passport

4. Alien Registration Card or Domicile Registration Card (*those without a registration card must wait until they are issued one to proceed with their application for a driver’s license.)

5. Three photos (3 cm x 4 cm) : Color photos taken within 6 months / 3cm x 4cm / On white background

6. Fee: KRW 12,500 (at the Incheon Motor Vehicle Services Agency (Gojan-dong 521-12, Namdong-gu, Incheon. Tel. 1577-1120) OR KRW 12,500 (at Drivers’ License Agency in Seoul Global Center (3rd floor, Press Center. Tel. 02-2075-4127)

Importantly, based on agreement between Korea and your home country, you may need to pass the written test along with documents mentioned above. For details, please visit the website of Driver's Licence Examination Office below.

Criminal Records Certificate Issuance

Korean National Police Certificate (KNPC: Crime-Investigation History Report (범죄경력 수사경력 회보서) is available to all visa applicants of any nationality who are physically present in Korea. Bring your Alien Registration Card and visit a nearest Korean national police station. Fill out and submit a Police Records Check. The result will come out in less than 24 hours. This service is free of charge. Original police certificate must be submitted.

Welcome Trailing Spouse

Addresses of Major Places (for a Taxi Driver)

More Information

Airline Tickets

For your entry to Korea, please book one-way/economy tickets for you and your legal dependents (spouse and children) from point of origin to Incheon (Songdo City) through our designated travel agency below (“basic airfare”). If there is any additional stop on your way to Incheon (Songdo City) from your point of origin due to personal needs, the added cost to the basic airfare will be at your expense.

Suggested Arrival Date : July 30, July 31
If your arrival date is other than above dates, please contact GA Dept. at

Designated Travel Agency of CI

  • Contact Person : Ms. InSook Seo
  • Company Name : LOTTE Card
  • Email :
  • Phone : +82 2 2050 2472 (available 9:00 A.M. – 18:30 P.M., Monday to Friday)
  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact : +82 2 2050 1911 / +82 10 4753 1911

If you already purchased your one-way ticket to Incheon, please inform to GA by email
You will be reimbursed by CI on August payday, August 25. To get the reimbursement, you would need to fill out the CI voucher form and submit it to the HR Department along with the receipt. In case you purchased a round trip ticket, the school will reimburse you for a half of the round trip ticket fee.


For enrollment of your child(ren), please see the following.

  • Dalki Baba (032-834-1707) (next door to Mini-Emart in Songdo 10 - 15 minute walk to Chadwick)
    George is 3 years old and has been attending a Korean Kindy since November last year. Although teachers speak Korean most are able to communicate a little in English. George loves it and can now understand quite a bit of the Korean language. Schedules are available from 9am~3pm, 9am~4pm, till 6:30pm. He gets picked up by the bus every morning and dropped off. I pay KRW 760,000 per month.
    - Kate Webb & Taylor Boyd (Gr 1)

  • Eden Daycare in Well County 4 (032-833-1277) : is a Korean daycare in Well County. Excellent care, they will open at 7:30am (open till at least 5:30pm), so bringing your child before work is very good possible. It takes about 15 minutes from Chadwick.They have children in all preschool ages, but usually are fully booked. If you need a place here, you must request a.s.a.p. Staff are caring and professional. They have a Naver web portal for parents, and provide weekly newsletters. English language is not spoken and written, so translations are necessary. (There might be somebody with limited English sometimes around). They offer regular fieldtrips, excursions and other activities. Meals are Korean. Staff are caring and will help you as much as possible. Cost is around 440 $ per month (depending on age). If you want to explore this option, provide me with name/birthdate, and I can make a request for you directly at the daycare. Our Annalisa was OK there, picked up some Korean, but was the only foreigner. They provide full-time daycare only, but one is free to pick them up during the day.

  • Foreign Nanny: We hired our wonderful Filipino nanny Jennie via a friend who found her on a Nanny website. We outlined through email exactly what our needs were and included the fact we would not need her in the school holidays. You can find nannies to interview through looking and posting on as well as Jennie lives with us from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon and although her main role is to care for our 18month old daughter she also keeps the house tidy and prepares an evening meal for us all. Our only issue was that we needed to sponsor Jennie and although there was no cost involved, it was a lengthy process mainly because Jennie is Filipino and needed to return to her home country for two months to get her work visa. All we suggest is to start this process as soon as possible! Feel free to email us if you have any other questions.
    Aniela and Mark Potter

The following information is pertaining to sponsoring a foreign Nanny in Korea, taken from

  • Sponsor with a D7 or E7 visa:
    The gross income of the sponsor for the year must be 3 times (or more) the Korean national average. Currently (2015), the minimum yearly income for a D7 or E7 visa holder wishing to sponsor a nanny / housekeeper is KRW 75,000,000. (Note that the benchmark amount can fluctuate frequently and without notice.) (CI employees can add their child's schooling onto their income, which makes their income within this range) The sponsor must have at least one child under the age of 13 years (in the case of nanny sponsorship). This has changed to having a child under 17 years old.

    • Procedure
      Visa Issuance: The sponsor must file a visa issuance application at their local immigration office (form is obtainable at the immigration office). There will be a wait period of between 2 weeks to 1 month while the information provided on the application is investigated. (As part of your application, you, the sponsor will need: Copy of ARC (or Visa issuance number if you don't yet have your ARC); a letter of employment verification from CI; tax form (or if you have not yet worked, the employment verification letter stating how much you will be going to earn); letter stating why you are inviting that person here to work for you - emphasize the need for an English speaking carer for your children).
      Upon approval, the visa issuance permission number is sent to the sponsor via regular mail.
      The sponsor sends this visa issuance permission number to the nanny / housekeeper (in their country of residence) via regular mail.
      The nanny / housekeeper then applies for their visa (using the visa issuance permission number) at the Korean Embassy / Consulate in their country of residence. Because the Korean Embassy in each country requires slightly different information & supporting documents for visa applications, the visa applicant should call the embassy first to get exact details about what they will need to bring (in addition to their visa issuance permission number) when applying for their visa.
      Upon visa issuance (the length of time depends upon the country and the number of applications –again, the applicant will need to ask about the wait time upon application), the applicant is eligible to relocate to Korea. Within 90 days of arrival in Korea, the nanny / housekeeper must apply for his/her ARC (alien registration card) at his/her local immigration office.

    • Immigration Information: You can contact the immigration 'helpline' at 1345 (press 3 and then * for English). The people on this helpline are extremely helpful and very clear.


To be updated

Emergency Contact

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School Calendar



Hello everyone:

We - at CI Admissions - are all thrilled to have you joining the Chadwick community for the next school year, and we can't wait to have your children/family here on our campus as well.

If you have children whom you intend to enroll at Chadwick International, you must submit an application on their behalf. All students must go through the online application process, including sending us all supporting documents and taking the entrance assessments. Applications are available at: CI Application
All required documents must be provided, although we wave the application fee.

For more information about admission to Chadwick International, please visit us at CI Admission.

Thank you,

CI Admissions
Chadwick International


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