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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.


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At Chadwick International, education is an adventure. Here, students don’t just learn — they thrive. Each day, exciting opportunities in and outside the classroom foster a genuine love of learning that shapes students into the confident leaders they were born to be.

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In 2019, the Chadwick International Boys Soccer team won the first ever KAIAC Boys Soccer Cup


In 2020, Chadwick International's student service club Greener is Cleaner won the Global Social Leaders Global Goals Competition

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Discover Songdo

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Meet Our Global Community

  • Canada
Colby Drolet

Village School Student

“I am passionate about art. It’s interesting. I would say I’m a visual artist and an explorer. I love exploring Chadwick. It’s so big. I like going around and finding new friends.

I’m really proud of my business bazaar in third grade. My team and I made stickers of my own drawings. We sold many stickers. We earned $200 for charity, so it was great!

My biggest challenge has been spelling. Almost everyone else can spell, but I can’t. The other kids are so smart. I can be smart, so I work it out by looking in places in the classroom or on my iPad or laptop.

If I had to describe Chadwick in one word, it would be “fun.” I would tell students coming to Chadwick to not get lost. The first days after recess, every single time I got lost. I came in and I didn’t know where my class was, so I looked upstairs and downstairs, in the library. It took me ten minutes to find my classroom. But now I know my way around and I love it here." 

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  • China
Charlotte Taylor

Middle School Student

“Right now, I'm super into playing sports and being active! I absolutely love soccer and fitness. Even though I might not be the best, I give it my all and have a blast. Soccer is just so exciting, and I love the thrill of running across the field and scoring goals. And with fitness, I get to challenge myself and feel strong and healthy. It's all about pushing my limits and having fun along the way!

 I encountered challenges on the academic front during my time at Chadwick. I consistently found myself lagging behind, but the teachers at Chadwick demonstrated an exceptional level of support. They invested their time and effort to assist me in catching up and achieving success personally, which had an enormous impact on my confidence. Navigating the academic demands taught me valuable lessons about the significance of seeking guidance in difficult times.”

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  • South Korea
Brian Park

Upper School Student

“Chadwick’s facilities create an excellent studying environment, but what I love most is its people. More specifically, the connections that these people share. Faculty members, students and parents all play a critical role in creating the well-balanced community of Chadwick. With the streamlined communication between these groups, I feel like we're only progressing forward as one. 

My biggest Chadwick accomplishment so far would be participating in the Little Shop of Horrors musical. I was never the ‘musical’ kid in any of my previous schools. Joining the drama club in 8th grade, I was surprised by how much fun I had. Whether it be a frog prince, a socially awkward boy or a psychopath dentist, it didn't take much time for me to realize the joy of acting. Although there were bumps in the road, the amount of sheer love we got from our performances made everything worth it. I know that performance will be one of those memories that lasts a lifetime.

My most challenging Chadwick moment was my first day. I walked through the front doors as a shy kid from Canada and everybody seemed to know each other. I felt like a child lost in the supermarket. Soon after the first period, however, I was greeted with a warm welcome from a few of my peers, which allowed me to open up. Personal challenges can be as difficult as academic ones, so I’m glad to be part of such a warm-hearted community.

If I had to describe Chadwick in one word, it would be ‘communicative.’ I would tell anyone considering Chadwick to let go of expectations. It’s an entirely different community filled with diversity and brilliant minds. It will be unlike any school, but no matter who you are, you're bound to enjoy your stay here. So, keep an open mind and see where Chadwick can take you.”

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  • Canada
Claudet Drolet


"I’m a Canadian who has lived in Incheon for almost 23 years. I have worked at various universities in the area since 2003 and I’m currently a lecturer at George Mason on the IGC. My wife and I were excited for our son, Colby, to attend Chadwick International. 

I have to say that the best thing has been the teachers. Colby comes home and talks about specific teachers and how much he likes them. And, he doesn’t just talk about liking them, he retains all sorts of information that they convey. That says a lot about the quality of the teachers. Getting to school in the morning can be a chore, as it starts earlier than the Korean schools, but whenever Colby complains about the early start, we suggest going back to a Korean school and he stops complaining right away.

The integration of technology makes learning fun and interesting. He is gaining actual applicable knowledge and skills at school, not just rote memorization of potential test answers. And the thing is, he is enjoying it. He comes home and likes to discuss the topics from class or the activities of the day.

Honestly, I tell people a few things when it comes to Chadwick: As parents, we have to emulate kindness and empathy and avoid overindulging. Chadwick is an elite school, but we are still part of the community and have to treat everyone equally no matter what car you drive or the clothes you wear. For newcomers to Incheon, it is best to get out and show the kids that we are all the same and part of the Chadwick family."

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  • Philippines
Imon Monzon


“I really love education; that's why I'm doing what I am doing. I’m most passionate about authentic learning through service leadership and sports. I believe education isn't and shouldn't just be confined to the classroom. I love how Chadwick is always doing its best to really reflect the Core Values among its students and community. I also love how we emphasize life skills, well-roundedness, and student wellness by offering programs like outdoor ed, service learning and most recently, the student retreats. Chadwick values not just grades but developing the child as a whole person. The school plants seeds in the hearts and minds of our students to love nature, to use their talents to serve others and to be leaders with exemplary character. 

Our faculty members come from a very wide range of nationalities and backgrounds. The kids get to see and experience the school’s emphasis on equal opportunity firsthand. It’s a testament to the school's mission of developing global citizens and gives the whole community a sense of comfort and respect. 

I’m also really proud of my work with the girls volleyball varsity team. Growing in my own career path alongside students was quite an accomplishment. If I could summarize Chadwick in one word, it would be ‘passion.’ Our leaders, teachers and students are so passionate about learning and education.”

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  • Canada
Ben Harnish


“Walking through the hallways each day, it’s easy to marvel at the diversity and unique perspectives that make up our program. Chadwick’s amazing staff and community keep our faculty and students set up for success! That doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges, though. A few years ago, our student population grew significantly along with our positive reputation. More students in the hallways and more classes in each grade meant new challenges. But good communication and a positive mindset have helped us adjust successfully. Even when we encounter bumps in the road, everyone works together to move the school forward with enthusiasm and flexibility.
Aside from being a passionate teacher, I’m really focused on positive well-being. I love running long distances and participate in several races each year. I also meditate daily to increase focus and relieve stress. I’ve brought these passions to Chadwick by coaching cross-country and running workshops on mindfulness meditation for teachers and students. 
If I had to pick one word to describe Chadwick International, it would be ‘dynamic.’ We’re always exploring how to best help our students succeed in an ever-changing world. Chadwick International continuously invests in its students and teachers, empowering us to use progressive, cutting-edge ideas and practices. We’re constantly encouraged to connect with others, both locally and globally.”

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