Develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge, and the ability to lead.

A PreK-12 international school located in Incheon, Korea.

A place to grow - Be innovative, creative and resilient.

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Inspiring purpose-built educational space and facilities


Rigorous academic curriculum that challenges students toward critical thinking and problem solving.


Gain a global perspective and a deep understanding of the complexities of the world.

Harness the leadership skills with persistence,empathy, courage, teamwork and core values.

Get involved with the community and make a small change to the world around you.

Learn the design cycle to plan, play, test, make and reflect.

Discover an artist in every child through enriched visual arts, theater, dance and music programs.

Challenge and adventure await in the outdoors, building confidence, camaraderie, resilience and perseverance.

Inspiring students to become the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Get to know Chadwick’s students

"At Chadwick, I learned that I had the power to make a difference, and that with all the tools we are given through learning and friendships, we can harness that power and shape our very own futures!” - Middle School Student

"At Chadwick, I learned that I do not work well alone. I work better with my teammates. To describe Chadwick International in one word, I would say Community." - Middle School Student

"At Chadwick, teachers and students are partners in the educational journey. I do respect and love how our teachers make us feel invited and welcome to ask any questions at anytime." - Upper School Student

"Nature is where you feel both the epitome of harmony and the limit of your tolearnce. Outdoor education lets you find your limits on both ends." - Upper School Student

“It is a pleasure having the opportunity to share my talents. I am able to learn many new things such as teaching in an engaging way by participating in book buddy program as well as important life values such as responsibility and leadership through Service Learning program.” - Middle School Student

"In my previous school, students were always competing each other. At Chadwick, we help each other to learn." - Village School student

Discover Chadwick for guidance and inspiration on a journey of intellectual development and character building.

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Performing & Visual Arts

Develop artistic skills and pursue interests through the activities of perception, creation, expression and communication in music, theater and visual arts.

Global Opportunities

Embrace and respect cultural differences and alternative perspectives. Develop cross-cultural competence. Think and act as a global citizen.

Experiential Education

Experience is the best of all schools. School curriculum should consist of experiences. - Margaret Lee Chadwick.

Service Learning

Through a wide range of service learning programs, our students experience the diversity and complexity of the world firsthand while discovering their own passions and interests.

A deep sense of community and a high level of engagement among students, faculty & parents.

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“Here in this Country School both boys and girls may find excellent instruction, plenty of outdoor life, and good companions.”

Margaret Lee Chadwick, School Founder