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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.


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Chadwick in the Media

  Maeil Business Newspaper - June 24, 2020
베트남 채드윅 국제학교(Chadwick International School in Hanoi), 2022년 8월 개교 예정
interview   코리아타임스 - April 29, 2020
원격 수업은 학생들의 적응 유연성을 키우는 기회
interview   The Korea Times - April 29, 2020
Distance learning has developed resilience for students 
  Arirang TV: Money Monster - April 29, 2020
Rise of online networking amid COVID-19
  Kyoengin Maeil - April 7, 2020
Chadwick International Youth Club 22nd Entertainment Donates Hand Sanitizer
  The Scoop on TBS eFM - March 2, 2020
[Radio] How international schools like Chadwick International (CI) are navigating the COVID-19 outbreak - Mr. Ted Hill 

FEE Newsletter  June 2019
Chadwick International (CI) becomes the first school in South Korea to be awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag award!


The Korea Times - March 20, 2019
[Student Corner] Is Korea following Japan's footsteps?


The Mainsheet - February 22, 2019
New head of school appointed at Chadwick School


The Korea Herald - October 12, 2018
Chadwick offers experience-based learning


The Korea Times - August 16, 2018
[Student Corner] True meaning and spirit of volunteerism


The Journal of College Admission - 2018 Summer
Recs that changes lives


The Korea Times - January 18, 2018
Students need to connect with other cultures


The Korea Herald - December 8, 2017
[Herald Interview] Preparing students for unpredictable future



The Korea Economic Daily - December 6, 2017
Chadwick International names Ted Hill, president of the schools’ foundation as new head of school


The Korea Herald - October 30, 2017
[Korea Herald Advertisement Award]
Industry Award - Education
Chadwick boosts first-rate education


The Straits Times - June 2, 2017
Green spaces and good schools win kudos


Kyeonggi Daily - April 27, 2017
Chadwick International to deliver the donations from Terry Fox Run to Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Institute


The Korea Times - April 11, 2017
International school to host open house



Channel News Asia - March 4, 2017
Smart Cities 2 - Songdo, South Korea