Child Protection and Safeguarding

Some students are showing their work pieces with a big smile.

Chadwick International promotes and defends the rights of the child to physical and psychological well-being. As such, we believe that it is unacceptable for a student to experience abuse of any kind and recognizes its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children and young people, by committing to practice which protects them.

The “Child Welfare Act” in Korea requires certain professionals and laypersons, who have a special working relationship or contact with children, to report suspected abuse. Chadwick International uses the principals of the act to guide its child protection policies. Any student at Chadwick International regardless of age is considered covered under our Child Protection policies and should be protected from any and all abuse.  

Chadwick International uses defines “abuse” as any physical injury, sexual violence, or harassment that harms health and welfare; any psychological or emotional injury that impedes mental health or development; abandonment or behavior which neglects the basic care, nurture and medical treatment of a child by adults responsible. 

All suspected cases of abuse must first be reported to the division principals or their direct report who will follow internal protocols established to support the student It is important that all information is documented to ensure that the authorities have all relevant information.