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Forbes Korea

Chadwick International was recognized in the November issue of Forbes Korea magazine for its leadership during the COVID-19 crisis and its approach to the future of education.

Throughout the pandemic, Head of School Ted Hill encouraged faculty, students and staff to see the situation as not just a challenge, but an opportunity.

“Chadwick has benefited from our strengths, even at the height of the pandemic,” Hill explained. “We have stressed taking initiative, the spirit of independence, and collaboration among students. The resilient and flexible spirit of our students has allowed them to handle the new environment well.” 

Throughout their education, Chadwick students learn what it is like to be uncomfortable, to take new risks, and to learn to overcome challenges. 

Hill encouraged educators to use this as an opportunity to teach students how to be adaptable and resilient. “Students will need to be truly creative and flexible in the future,” said Hill. “Critical thinking and the ability to see and make connections are going to be extremely important.”

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