School News

Grade 8 Middle School students engaged in a Winter Arts Showcase last month, demonstrating their growth and development in strings, orchestra, band and theatre. An audience of family members, friends and faculty enjoyed performances of “Flashlight” and “I Ain’t Worried” in the Main Theatre.


Meanwhile, theatre students showcased their productions based on the MYP Unit “Who am I,” which focuses on the key concept of identity. It was explained that students first researched who they are and the aspects that make up their identity. They then each brought an item to school that represented their identity and gave individual presentations. Following this, they each had the opportunity to create an artistic intention and outline a plot for a dramatic piece to communicate their identity to the audience. Finally, they dove into researching monologues, selecting a student monologue that spoke to them. Elements present in their own monologues were a relationship with a person they’re talking to, response points and a conflict. Student performances exhibited this day were the culmination of much research, rehearsal and reflection. 


Band showcased three pieces based on the unit, Interpretation in Music. Students learned how to conduct, how to share one’s interpretation through conducting gestures and how to lead a group. Their performances were “Two English Dances”, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” and “The Avengers.” Last but not least, strings performed “Cosi Fan Tutte”, an overture that features a slow lyrical opening followed by an exuberant journey through major and minor tonalities, and the orchestra played “Hedwig’s Theme”, followed by “Take Five” and “Kentucky 1800.” We recognize the effort behind such a showcase, applaud our students for their dedication and thank our faculty and parents for their support of the performing arts!


Photos by student photographers Kayla Choi and Elly Koo.


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