School News

Welcome back, Dolphins! Throwback to December, when over 120 PreK- G12 Dolphin Swimmers competed in the YISS Jingle Bell Splash at YISS, the second meet in the KAIAC Agegroup Swim Series (KASS). The competition was the biggest swim competition in KAIAC history with 550 swimmers, having about 150 more swimmers than any previously held swim event by a KAIAC school. This was a good sign that the wonderful sport of swimming is growing amongst international schools in Korea.


Students were racing to achieve personal best times and to gain points for the overall team score. It is always important to remember that achieving personal best times is our main goal, and we are excited for the many who made personal improvements! 


There were a total of seven schools represented in the competition. Congratulations, Chadwick Dolphins, on another team victory! Our CI girls totaled 1,888 points to our closest competitor SFS with 1,387 points, and the CI boys pulled out a nail-biting win with 1,678 points to SFS boys with 1,638 points. There are three more events in the KAIAC age group swim series, two scheduled to take place on March 11 and April 23, and the series championships scheduled to take place on May 27!


View photos here.