School News


Starting this Friday, Chadwick International Middle School students will have a new opportunity to hone their study skills. Taesun Shim, founder of edtech start-up company TECO, will be offering a Study Strategies course tailored specifically to CI Middle School students. The program is designed to teach foundational study strategies in an engaging, interactive and fun way that provides students a fresh take on study skills.
In addition to his college experience at Yale-NUS and as a sponsored exchange student at Seoul National University, Taesun’s credentials also include his knowledge of the Chadwick experience. Taesun, who graduated from Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California in 2018 where he served as the All Student Body President, sees many similarities between the two campuses. 
“Chadwick in California and Chadwick in Korea are united by the compassion and curiosity of the students,” said Taesun. “Chadwick students are always among the nicest people I know, and they bring so much dedication to the work they do.”
His Friday Study Strategies sessions will include topics such as time management, note taking and future planning. The most important advice he would offer students is that “time does not equal grades.” Taesun expanded, “Studying for hours is not going to put those students ahead of those students who studied less, but more efficiently.”
As an Alumni Intern, Taesun is also leading the Power Boost program on Monday afternoons that offers extra academic support to Middle School students. He is pleased to continue working closely with Chadwick students and credits the school as being instrumental in his growth as a student, and now as an entrepreneur.
“I want all students to feel prepared, confident and successful,” said Taesun. “It is incredibly rewarding to be able to use my background to directly benefit Chadwick students.”