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This year, in every grade and classroom, one lesson will be the same. Each of us must follow the three W’s in order to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 in our community.

1.  Wash your hands
2.  Wear a mask
3.  Watch your distance

At Chadwick, the three W’s are being reinforced throughout the day to help students build healthy hygiene habits. There is time scheduled into the school day for students to wash their hands regularly, such as when they arrive at school, before snack and lunch, and after recess. Students are required to wear masks while on campus at all times unless they are eating lunch or participating in a supervised mask break outdoors. Finally, students are being taught how to maintain the proper distance from classmates while going about their daily activities. They are becoming familiar with using one-way hallways, leaving two arms-length of space while waiting in line, and keeping to their assigned seats. Reinforcing these safety practices now builds a strong foundation for the Chadwick community to have a safe and healthy school year.