Working Together

Collaboration is a lived behavior at Chadwick International for all aspects of our community. Walking onto our campus, you see students working in groups to solve problems, teachers sitting together to plan and assess student learning and parents connecting with each other and the faculty to further specific programs. This collaboration starts within the walls of our school and extends to our campus in California and to local organizations with a variety of partnerships.

Collaboration is an expectation for all members of our community and a visitor sees signs in our classrooms, meeting spaces and outdoor spaces. Faculty are together in grade level or department groups talking about practice, sharing craft knowledge, observing and cheering for one another. These flexible faculty groups mirror the experiences we provide for our students as the adults in the community work to evaluate and perfect the craft of teaching. Adults in the community model collaborative practices and make the internal dialogue of collaboration and problem solving visible to students.

Students sit together in grade level groups or across the school in buddy relationships as they work to build community, mentor each other and provide a deep scaffold for the Chadwick International experience. Together students co-labor as they work toward a common goal with the process of learning as opposed to a product the outcome. Students are independent as they divide the necessary tasks into intertwined layers.

Teams of students and teachers are able to use skills learning through collaboration to work together as partners to further the learning for each individual student. The community is better for the shared work and individuals are invested in community growth. Together students and teacher work to unpack learning and internalize the why behind the daily classroom experience. As these groups work together the Core Values of Respect, Compassion, Honesty, Fairness, and Responsibility guide the interactions and provide a framework for decision making and collaborative activities.

The foundation of collaboration within the school extends to our California campus, local state schools, universities, the broader community and our international network.

Listen well and demonstrate thoughtful open-mindedness. Inspire and manage others to achieve a goal. Contribute responsibly and respectfully within a group. Lead and serve by example.