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Chadwick International Governing Board

Chadwick International (CI) and its sister campus, Chadwick School (CS), an independent school in Palos Verdes, California, are operated by the non-profit Roessler-Chadwick Foundation in California. In Chadwick's "One School, Two Campuses" model, CI and CS share a common Mission, Core Values and Philosophy. Members of all CI constituencies - students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and trustees - have the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways with peers on the California campus.

Each Chadwick campus is led by its own Head of School, who reports to that campus' governing board. These parallel structures promote sharing of best practices and collaboration across campuses while also allowing each campus discretion to make decisions in its best interest.

The Chadwick International Governing Board (CIGB) includes members of the CI parent community and Chadwick School trustees as well as individuals connected to international business and education. The CIGB operates in accordance with the best practices recommended by the National Association of Independent Schools (USA).

Board of Trustees

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