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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Faculty and Staff

Passionate educators. Committed mentors. 

Chadwick International teachers know they’re part of something special. They come to work each day excited to create rich educational experiences for students who are truly engaged in their own learning. They play a critical role in guiding students toward their greatest potential while simultaneously fulfilling their own. 

Our teachers come from all over the world, enriching our community through their diverse experiences and fresh perspectives. Many have taught abroad and over 80% hold advanced degrees in their field. All are deeply committed to the growth and development of our students. With an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, personal attention is the norm. It also gives teachers a chance to form critical bonds with their students.


Teachers get to create freely and drive their own teaching. Chadwick International is an environment that supports innovation, creativity and bold ideas. Courses are delivered in the context of Chadwick’s Core Values — Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness and Compassion. Our teachers live those values each day, setting powerful examples of character for our students. They ensure that every lesson learned is applicable to academic growth and to life itself. 

Nurturing our educators

At Chadwick International, passionate learning isn’t just for students. Our professional development events provide ongoing opportunities for Chadwick teachers and the broader community of educators around the world. 

Discover what our professional learning program is all about.

In addition, our teachers are supported by qualified and caring support staff at Chadwick International. Get to know some of our staff members by watching the following "Behind the Scenes" videos.

Behind the Scenes

Sun Young Choi

Hye Won Jang

Dong Hyun Kang

Eun Ho Kim

Jinho Kim

Qtek Lee

Teachers made this school. Teachers with a love of children in their hearts; teachers who are eager searchers of truth; teachers who are willing to share their longer experience with children and at the same time are able to learn from the naturalness and sincerity of their pupils. 

Margaret Chadwick, 1952

Get to know some of our teachers and staff's passions beyond the classroom by clicking over their photos and reading their bios below.

Faculty and Staff

Katherine Adisa

Upper School Assistant Principal

What do students learn in your classes/program?

I believe that in my classes students learn to think for themselves and speak effectively on topics we discuss in class. I am fortunate to teach English language and literature, which doesn’t have heavy content that requires memorization. Instead, students learn to find meaning in what they read, understand the motivation behind the writing, and realize that as readers they are an important component in the construction of knowledge. I like to think we teach skills rather than material. These are skills that students will use in college and beyond.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I have to say I am passionate about helping students be successful. In my role as Dean of Students, I help students understand the challenges they are facing and how to develop strategies to overcome them. As an English teacher, I support my seniors to become impactful writers and speakers. As a past teacher, I get emails from ex-students in college, joyfully reminiscing about their success in college essay writing or their realization of the value of their high school lessons. When a person has this kind of passion in their lives, it changes an occupation into a vocation.

Melissa Burnell

Village School Grade 5

What do you find most interesting about the material you teach or program you lead?

I love that the PYP honors student agency and students' interests are an important factor in what we do in the classroom.  When I was growing up, school was all about memorizing facts that ultimately didn't mean anything to me or enrich my life.  I have the opportunity to better prepare my learners for an ever-changing world by supporting them in the development of lifelong skills, attitudes, attributes, and more.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

Outside of the classroom, I am passionate about power vinyasa yoga.  It keeps me feeling healthy, grounded, and ready for all of the roles I need to fulfill in my life.  When I get the chance, I also love to travel with my family.  It's a wonderful feeling to experience new places together.

Sarah Carpenter

Village School Counselor

What do students learn in your classes/program?

As counselors, our aim is to empower our students to live their best lives.  We support Chadwick's mission by focusing on exemplary character and we do this in multiple ways. In the classroom we introduce ideas and concepts for our students to engage with, helping them to reflect on themselves and how they live their lives.  In the office, we listen to students (and parents) and provide a safe space for them to share and reflect, finding positive ways to move through challenges and barriers.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I am passionate about photography.  I particularly enjoy landscape and nature photography and travelling has allowed me to indulge this!  I am also passionate about service and making a difference in the world around me.  I have been involved for many years with the Eugene Bell Foundation supporting their work with TB patients in North Korea through using my photography and video skills to raise awareness of the work and help in fundraising.  I love sea kayaking, reading and music (playing piano, guitar and singing).  I also really enjoy weight lifting and working out, and the mental challenge of pushing myself in an area that does not come easily to me.  Pushing heavy weights around is great stress relief!

Sun Young Choi

Emergency Medical Technician

What is the most rewarding part about working at Chadwick International?

When I worked at a hospital, I rarely saw the patients I treated once they were discharged, so the relationship with the patients was always one-way. At CI, students come back to update me on their health and thank me for treating them. Whenever that happens I feel rewarded for my efforts and am glad that I work at Chadwick International.

Any advice for incoming faculty about life in Korea or at Chadwick International?

I have often seen newly arrived faculty who feel burdened at the thought of going to a hospital. However, compared to other countries, receiving medical treatment in Korea is more affordable and accessible. Therefore, I would like to advise incoming faculty to seek medical attention freely. Additionally, in case of emergency, if you call 119. Even thought they pick up in Korean, stay on the line, and an English interpreter will be provided. You can either wait on the line, send a text message to, or video call emergency services.

Daniel Evans

Upper School Visual Art

What do students learn in your classes/program?

The Grade 12 Visual Arts program enables students to refine their use of the creative process when creating and presenting two and three-dimensional artworks using a variety of traditional and emerging media and technologies. During studio/class time students use the critical analysis process to deconstruct art works and explore the connections between art and society. Students also learn to make connections between various works of art in personal, contemporary, historical, and cultural contexts. I also offer the option of an Open Art Studio which enables students to further explore a wider range of materials, processes, and techniques that can be applied in their own art production.

Ted Hill

Head of School

What attracted you to teach or work at Chadwick?

My wife and I were drawn by the school's Mission and particularly to its commitment to the development of character - not only for us as educators but for our daughters, who would attend the school. We were particularly struck by the strong emphasis upon Outdoor Education, which exemplified this commitment. And of course the students and faculty/staff whom we met were just wonderful exemplars and representatives of the values of Chadwick.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I love to travel, particularly to places that I've never been before, and to meet new people. I love being out in wild places on land or water. I enjoy time with my family. I enjoy many sports.

Hye Won Jang

Middle School Admin Assistant

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I dreamed of becoming an interpreter when I grew up. From a young age, I enjoyed learning English and meeting and helping people from different fields. Prior to working in education, I served as an interpreter at sports events and conferences.

What would you tell yourself ten years from now?

Spend more time with your loved ones, and never give up on your passions. As time goes by, the more compromises have the be made. With that said, the good memories last while the tough times fade away. So it is important to find the time to enjoy the company of loved ones. I would tell myself to enjoy the company of loved ones and appreciate the joyful moments.

Dong Hyun Kang, Headshot

Dong Hyun Kang


What was the most memorable moment throughout your career?

There are many teachers from different countries and cultures who speak different languages. It may take longer to understand each other but it is worthwhile as I am able to meet many people from diverse backgrounds. 

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could have superpowers, I would want more than one. As a working mom, I often have a lot going on at once. I imagine it would be amazing to have multiple versions of myself in hectic situations.

Dong Hyun Kang, Activity

Eun Ho Kim

Systems Specialist

Please introduce your role at Chadwick International.

I manage Chadwick International’s overall operation of technology solutions that students utilize on campus.

What is the most rewarding part about working at Chadwick International?

Chadwick International holds a graduation ceremony every year in June. I also attend the graduation ceremony every year in support. I feel rewarded when I see the students we care for grow up healthily, graduate and go off to great places. That’s when I think to myself, “I’m glad I work at Chadwick International.”

Jennifer Kim

Middle School Mandarin

Check back soon to learn about Jennifer.

Jinho Kim, Headshot

Jinho Kim

Purchasing Coordinator

What is your role at Chadwick?

In line with the nature of international schools, faculty require imported teaching materials. I am responsible for the overall supply chain management of teaching materials, from local purchasing to import customs clearance. 

What is the most challenging element of your work?

There are still many required teaching materials that are not yet available in Korea. Occasionally, imported materials go through a complicated process where the customs authorities request a detailed description of the material and usage in order to be cleared.

Jinho Kim, Activity

MinSoo Kim

Village School Korean

What do students learn in your classes/program?

In Korean class, students improve Korean language skills by speaking, listening, writing and reading. As a Korean, students learn Korean citizenship and history to more deeply understand our culture. Students also work to improve speaking their mother tongue through Korean class.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I am very interested in sports and studying. I like to run in the park and be in nature. I like to play golf with Chadwick teachers and my friends. Also, I like to study and read papers related to my major.

Qtel Lee, Headshot

Qtek Lee

Housing Coordinator

Do you have any words of advice for yourself 10 years ago?

In retrospect, I constantly lived with worry. I didn’t realize that in the big picture, my mistakes and work-related mishappenings were not of great importance. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

No promises, but if I continue to practice yoga, perhaps I’ll own a yoga studio of my own.

Qtel Lee, Activity

Jay Leroy

Middle School Grade 7 PHE

What do students learn in your classes/program?

Students learn to explore their conceptual understanding through physcial activity and sport.

What attracted you to teach or work at Chadwick?

Watching the Chawick Athletic program develop into a top school from the perspective of another KAIAC school.  I am also a very big fan of the IB program.


Seura Park

VS Drama

What do students learn in your classes/program?

Children love to move and interact with others; this is what VS drama is designed for! Students appreciate the multiple opportunities to explore topics of their interests and passions through dramatic arts and engage with the audience as performers. As the students seek answers to how drama helps us express ourselves? They become critical thinkers and creative artists on the quest to hook their audience.

My hopes and dreams of VS drama are to empower our young artists to be open-minded, resilient in their thinking and creativity, and appreciate the uniqueness of themselves and one another.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I'm interested in looking into what kind of person I am and how my perspective about life changes as I grow older. I enjoy observing people, their languages, physical and facial expressions and how they interact with one another. To me human beings are fascinating! I love exploring different cultures too. I am a passionate Muay Thai kickboxing practitioner, which makes up the core of who I am. I love dancing diverse cultural dances from around the world. Currently, I'm hooked into Zumba and Latin dance. At home, I enjoy cooking with my son, a senior in the US who teaches me how to prepare meat and vegetables. I sometimes box with my husband.

Vaulton Reece

Middle School Grade 6 English Language and Literature

What do students learn in your classes/program?

The Grade 6 English language and literature class is focused on learning, improving and fostering a love of reading and writing. In the course, students will also cultivate skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. My course will introduce students to reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills fundamental to Middle School English. Each unit is based on a concept and explored through readings taken from a variety of genres, authors, nations, and time periods. The writing skills will focus on narrative, expository, persuasive writing, and media. The students will also further their speaking and listening skills by engaging in group discussions, Socratic seminars, presentations, and performances throughout the year.

What attracted you to teach or work at Chadwick?

I am one of the founding staff members and was hired with the understanding that the goal was to build the best school in the world. I was attracted by the challenge extended and the opportunity to be a part of something potentially special. This is my tenth year at the school and I believe that we are on our way to realizing that original goal.

Priyanka Singh

Middle School Grade 8 PHE

What do students learn in your classes/program?

Students learn how to work efficiently as an individual, in pairs or in a group keeping their and others' strengths and challenges in consideration. Also, students have a chance to be a leader and a team member which helps them to adjust and play different roles in a different scenario.

What do you find most interesting about the material you teach or program you lead?

MYP gives its teachers the opportunity and space to be creative which helps teachers to create student-centered lessons. Sometimes my students surprise me with their projects because it makes me think that there are so many other ways of doing the same thing. Basically, I learn from my students too.

Gregory Slosek

Upper School Grades 11-12 Theory of Knowledge / Grade 12 History

Theory of Knowledge Coordinator

What do students learn in your classes/program?

In TOK students are challenged to think about both shared and personal knowledge.  They learn critical thinking tools which transfer across all areas of knowledge.  They are challenged to see other points of view and to be engaged, global citizens.

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I am a former DIII college basketball player and have been coaching for nearly 20 years. I am the varsity boys basketball coach here at CI and continue to play competitively.

Iuliia Sterpinska

Village School Learning Specialist

What do students learn in your classes/program?

Everyone in this world is unique! Every brain works differently. I’m empowering my students with the strategies that help and teach them how to use their strength to improve areas for growth and to be independent and successful!

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

"It is better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times," is my favorite quote. My family and I are passionate about traveling and exploring new places. We fell in love with Korea and its beauty at first sight and now we are spending every free moment traveling around and learning about this magical country and its wonderful people.

Virag Szalai

Village School Learning Specialist

What do you find most interesting about the material you teach or program you lead?

Empowering students to fulfill their best potential and guiding them to find a way to overcome challenges makes my heart grow. I want to show them that they are capable of anything if they believe in themselves!

What are you passionate about outside of the classroom/school?

I love spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking new dishes with a twist of a traditional recipe or creating something entirely new. I also enjoy exploring new cultures and learning languages. Oh, and I am a big movie fan!

Julian Taylor

Village School Principal

What attracted you to teach or work at Chadwick?

I was drawn to the school's Mission and the reputation of the school's community

What do you find most interesting about the material you teach or program you lead?

I enjoy listening to students' ideas and wonderings. Students often share their plans with me to take action around the school to make it a better place.