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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Partners in the journey 

Chadwick International parents are the backbone of our community. Alongside our teachers, staff and leadership, they help to ensure that our mission for each student is met. Their involvement is strong and steadfast, with many opportunities to connect and contribute.

Like our students, they form tight bonds and support one another in their shared experience. 

Instant access to the Chadwick International family

When your child attends Chadwick, you’re an instant member of the Chadwick International Parent Association (CIPA). The CIPA is a volunteer-based program that fundraises and hosts memorable events like the Ice Cream Social and International Week, where different cultures are celebrated with traditional food, games, music and dancing. The efforts of the CIPA directly support our students. 

The CIPA has a dedicated office on campus and a school store (open every Thursday) where students can purchase CI apparel and gifts such as T-shirts and hoodies, stationery, lunch bags and tumblers.

Meaningful Events

The CIPA hosts an array of exciting events and activities throughout the year. While the intention is to raise funds for the school — and to have fun — we make sure each one is infused with meaningful learning and lessons that reflect CI’s core values.  

The CIPA hosts three major fundraising events each year:

  • The Halloween Party
  • Family Fun Day
  • The CIPA Dinner

Ensuring every family feels welcomed

The CIPA helps new and veteran families connect through a buddy system so that new parents can navigate their transition and integrate with ease. Parents meet for brunch, discuss challenges and share advice. A parent representative for each grade level also ensures that every family is well-informed and included. 

The CIPA organizes cultural exchange events — tea ceremony, kimchi making, Hanbok event and international family potluck party — where international and local Korean families can connect.

Volunteering is easy and fun! In the beginning of each year, the CIPA hosts a general meeting with opportunities to volunteer. Parent representatives and room parents are assigned across classrooms and grade levels. Our parents provide vital volunteer support for classroom activities, community service, the school store and other events. To volunteer, parents should contact their CIPA representatives.