For our students, faculty and families, Chadwick is more than just a school. It is a close-knit community characterized by our shared core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion — values that we emphasize and practice daily in every area of school life.

Discover Chadwick for yourself by attending one of our campus tours, open houses, and by getting to know our faculty, staff and families. Experiencing our community and educational philosophy in action is the best way to understand what Chadwick is all about. We look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the remarkable opportunities that Chadwick has to offer.

How many students are admitted to each grade level?

Vacancies are dependent upon re-enrollment of current students. The possibility of opening additional sections in any grade will be determined by the number of eligible applicants and availability of teachers. When possible this information will be made available to prospective families on the Admissions webpage.

How do you select students for admission?

Admissions is competitive. We look for students who have the greatest potential to succeed, making the most of their academic abilities and actively participating in the many opportunities available outside the classroom. Initially, the Admissions Committee considers the candidates' school records, teacher recommendations, and other test scores. The student's character and integrity are also significant in our decision making process, as are leadership, commitment, and talent. Prior to our selection of a candidate, the Admissions Committee considers each student in the context of the applicant pool in order to bring together a balanced and diverse group of new students with the ability to thrive in our community academically and personally. Candidates will be assessed in their reading comprehension, quantitative and English language skills. Pre-selected students will be invited back to campus for individual and group interviews. To be eligible for admission at Chadwick International (CI), a student may hold either a foreign or a Korean passport. Siblings of current CI students will be listed as preferential candidates for admissions.

How important are test scores?

Test scores are one piece of the complete student profile. They provide us with a standardized measurement that is used in conjunction with all of the information gathered about the candidate. Given that our students come from varied educational backgrounds, test scores are one way we can objectively assess our applicants. Students will also be evaluated through writing samples, individual interviews and group activities.

What are your school start and end dates?

Our school year includes approximately 180 school days beginning on mid August and ending in mid-June. Holidays include Korean national holidays such as Chuseok, Lunar New Year, Hangeul Day, as well as other international holidays like American Thanksgiving, Spring Break and Winter Break, etc. Please visit our website to view the current school year calendar.

What are your class sizes?

The average class size is approximately 20 students. Our student to faculty ratio of 7:1 allows for individual attention to the unique and specific abilities and needs of each student in a class.

Do you offer world languages?

Yes. Although English is the language of instruction at Chadwick International, we hope our students will gain competence in a language other than English and/or their mother tongue. Students in PreK and Kindergarten study Korean. Grades 1-5 students may select from Korean or Mandarin. Students in all other grades can choose from Korean, Mandarin or Spanish.

Does Chadwick International offer any activities after school?

Yes. Extra-curricular activities are numerous, including a variety of clubs and athletic opportunities. The list of clubs and activities may change every quarter, depending on students' interests and instructors availability. Chadwick International is a member of both the KAIAC and KISAC interscholastic leagues, and many of the activities and athletics available to students are based on these league activities.

Does Chadwick International provide transportation?

Yes, busing is available, at a fee, in different parts of Seoul and Bundang.

Can parents get involved at Chadwick International?

We welcome parent involvement in the school; this spirit of participation enhances our community and the experience of all involved, especially the students. All parents become members of the Chadwick International Parents Association(CIPA),which provides a myriad of opportunities to participate and to support the school's mission.
The CIPA is formed for the purpose of "giving assistance to the faculty and administration of the school, and carrying on activities generally intended to promote and support the school." We rely on the richness and diversity of talent in our parent body - there is something for everyone! Please visit the CIPA webpage for more information.

I would like to know the Class of 2019 College Acceptance list.

Please click here to view the class of 2019 college acceptance list. (As of May 31, 2019)


Admissions Office

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a campus visit.

Tel: +82-32-250-5030~2
Fax: +82-32-252-2011

Tuition and Fees

Below is the tuition and fees for the 2018-19 school year.

Grade Level Full Year Tuition
Village School (PK - 5th) KRW 21,410,000 + USD 12,150
Middle School (6th - 8th) KRW 23,000,000 + USD 13,060
Upper School(9th-12th) KRW 25,180,000 + USD 14,290


1. Application Fee (Should be paid when application is submitted)): KRW 350,000
2. Matriculation Fee (Should be paid when enrollment contract is submitted): KRW 1,000,000