2019-2020 Application process for foreign families relocating to korea

Online Application For 2019-2020

Foreigners relocating to Korea can apply throughout the year if any vacancy become available. When clicking on the online application link, you will first be required to register for an account. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly for assistance at songdo-admissions@chadwickschool.org

Downloadable Forms:
Supplemental Documents by Grade

Chadwick International is committed to selecting mission-fit students who will become passionate self-directed learners of the highest character. Students will be equipped with the tools and experiences they need to build enduring friendships around the world based on the shared values of honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness, and compassion. Chadwick International also values academic excellence, creativity, and sustainability.

Grade/Age Eligibility Chart for the 2019-2020 School Year
Date of Birth Grade Level
Sept.1, 2014 - Aug.31, 2015 Pre-K
Sept.1, 2013 - Aug.31, 2014    K
Sept.1, 2012 - Aug.31, 2013 Grade 1
Sept.1, 2011 - Aug.31, 2012 Grade 2
Sept.1, 2010- Aug.31, 2011 Grade 3
Sept.1, 2009 - Aug.31, 2010 Grade 4
Sept.1, 2008 - Aug.31, 2009 Grade 5
Sept.1, 2007 - Aug.31, 2008 Grade 6
Sept.1, 2006 - Aug.31, 2007 Grade 7
Sept.1, 2005 - Aug.31, 2006 Grade 8
Sept.1, 2004 - Aug.31, 2005 Grade 9
Sept.1, 2003- Aug.31, 2004 Grade 10
Sept.1, 2002 - Aug.31, 2003 Grade 11
Sept.1, 2001 - Aug.31, 2000 Grade 12



Application Steps


Step 1: Submit Online Application Form and Non-Refundable Application Fee

The applicant’s first task is to complete the online application form and submit the non-refundable application fee of 400,000 KRW or $350 USD to one of the bank accounts below:

• Bank: Shinhan Bank
• Account number for USD: 180-005-295309
• Account number for KRW: 140-008-960456
• Swift Code: SHBKKRSE
• Account Holder: Chadwick International School Songdo

Step 2: Submit Supplemental Documents

Downloadable Forms:

Supplemental Documents by Grade

Once Chadwick International receives the application, an automatic confirmation email will be sent to the parents. Parents can track the application progress through their online application account.

Supplemental documents may be mailed or emailed to the Admissions Office.

It is important to remember that Chadwick International cannot begin processing an application until all documentation is received and the non-refundable application fee has been paid.

Note: All documents submitted to Chadwick International will be considered the property of the school and will not be returned.


Step 3: Admission Assessments and Interviews

Assessments and Interviews

Upon receipt of a student's completed application, parents or guardians will be contacted via email with a scheduled appointment for assessments and interviews.

Pre-Kindergarten ~ Grade 2

As part of the readiness assessment, each child will be shadowed in the classroom of his(her) age which will collect information regarding developmental readiness in the areas of: social relations, emerging literacy and numeracy skills, as well as overall physical development.

Grades 3 ~ 11

Applicants to Grades 3 ~ 11 will complete a set of admission assessments designed to evaluate their proficiency in reading comprehension, language usage, Mathematics, and English written skills as well as class shadowing. 

Step 4: Notification of Admissions Decision

Admissions Committee's decision will be made after a careful analysis of each applicant's file. The final decision may indicate:

ACCEPTANCE: If your child is accepted, you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance along with an online enrollment contract.

REGRET: Some students are denied admission based on their academic and/or behavioral record, if their English language proficiency does not meet the requirements of the grade to which they are applying, or if CI lacks a program to meet their individual needs. 

WAIT POOL: A candidate is placed on a wait pool list when he or she is eligible for admission, but there is currently no space in the grade for which he or she is applying. 

Step 5: Complete Enrollment Process

After receiving the acceptance letter from CI Admissions, the following steps must be completed to proceed with the student’s enrollment process.

  1. Sign Online Contract
  2. Tuition Payment made
  3. Student's account generated by IT Office 
  4. Medical form Nurses’ Office
    • Report of Physician's Exam (can be completed ahead of time)
    • Online Health Form ( Immunization, Medicine Authorization, etc. )
  5. Notified Class Schedule and Start Date