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Chadwick International teachers and staff are dedicated, passionate mentors. Because of our small size, Chadwick International teachers know their students very well and become trusted mentors. Together with staff and parents, they form an essential partnership that guides the students and helps them perform to their full potential. Our teachers and staff are the “best of the best” from around the world. More than 80 percent hold advanced degrees and many have had experience teaching abroad. At Chadwick International, they work with a curriculum designed to teach students to ask questions, build connections between concepts, and understand how their classroom learning translates into the world and their own lives.


The Chadwick International full-time, paid internship program is designed for newly qualified teachers who wish to gain mentored international teaching experience. Our program lasts for one to two years, depending on the individual intern. Each intern has a mentor teacher, who is an experienced educator. An intern at Chadwick is a co-teacher who collaborates with the mentor teacher in all aspects of teaching, from planning the lessons to meeting with parents.

All teachers at Chadwick are engaged in a variety of professional development experiences that include training in their respective International Baccalaureate program to learning how to lead workshops. We firmly embrace experiential learning models.

Our interns are drawn from many different nationalities, backgrounds and life experiences. Some are new graduates of teacher certification programs; others have changed careers and there are those who are experienced teachers looking to embrace different teaching philosophies such as the International Baccalaureate and progressive teaching methodologies. All interns are seen as important professional peers and are valued for the unique expertise they bring to the Chadwick International community.

In the final year of their internship we prepare and support our interns in securing teaching positions at international schools around the world.

In addition to our intern program, Chadwick has a partnership agreement with the following universities: George Mason Graduate School of Education, Gyeongin National University of Education, Korea National University of Education, Ryerson University, The Melbourne University Graduate School of Education and the USC Rossier School of Education. We accept student teacher placements from these universities for their respective teacher certification and Masters practicum courses. All teachers at Chadwick International are seen as mentors to student teachers, interns and visiting scholars.

We welcome all opportunities that provoke deep reflection on teaching and learning practices.

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