Ttul Ae (Jennifer) Ahn

Faculty Information

Village School
VS Counselor
Student Support Team


B.A., Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Studies and Communications, Monash University
M.Ed., Primary Education (K-6), Monash University
M.Ed., Educational Psychology and Counseling, Dongguk University

About Me

About Me

Philosophy of teaching and learning

I believe the best education can be fulfilled by how deeply and widely the teacher understands the student’s performance level. Only the teacher who can fully analyse the student’s stage of development is able to challenge the next task properly that student will learn. The basic role of a teacher is a counselor who questions back in order to make students think and to find the answer on their own so that they can build up their own learning strategies which fit for them the most. From the long-term view of education, it is always a good way to help students to be the autonomous learner who know their current stage of learning. I as a teacher understand first the students’ weak points and to give more guides in order to help them to resolve their problems.

What do I think makes teaching and learning effective?

Since the affective factor has indescribably strong effect on student’s learning attitude regardless of age, the teacher should be affectionate, encouraging and motivating in any situation for self-confidence. I as a teacher, respect student’s personality in the class earnestly, the students can put his or her trust more in the teacher. If the teacher shows affections to students and tries to make a sound academic community for students, students are able to interact with the teacher and other students enough to get the communicative competence through the safe social classroom environment. I believe that this relationship on mutual trusts creates valuable results towards good attitudes and intrinsic motivations of students.

What is it that makes me unique as far as teaching is concerned?

By giving and receiving the input from students, I can find the best approach for my students' learning as well as for the best understanding on them. Using a variety of teaching resources is an important skill, and questioning is also an effective skill that I believe I have when I interact with my students. So I as a teacher always seek to know how to ask students of the key questions to achieve the aim of each lesson and use a variety of teaching resources to cater individuals' needs and supports.

South Korea