Katherine Adisa

Faculty Information

Upper School
US Dean of Students / CP Language


B.A., English/Biology, Mount Allison University
B.Ed., English/Science Methods, Mount Allison University
M.Ed., Administration, St. Francis Xavier University

About Me

About Me
I have had many hobbies, but presently it is watercolor painting. I hope to do some acrylic painting while I am here as well. I became an International teacher because every Sunday evening when I was a child my mother used to take out the Atlas and randomly select a page. Without looking, I would put my finger somewhere on the page. Together we would research the place I had pointed out, finding out about the culture of the area. We did not have enough money to travel when I was young so I promised my mother that I when I became a teacher (I always knew I would be a teacher) I would work in many different countries, and she could come out to visit me. I have taught in many countries, and my mother has visited me in all of them. At 86 she has visited me 3 times here in Korea so far.