Jolene Brister

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Village School
VS Drama


B.A., Linguistics & Communications, Hunter College SUNY
B.S., Educational Psychology, University of Connecticut

About Me

About Me
Greetings CI Community!

I am Jolene Brister. United States native on paper; citizen of the world in real life. I've taught in wonderful schools in the United States, Argentina, and China, and I am thrilled to add Chadwick International to the list.

My work with children began as a US government employee assisting medically fragile children in state care.
It was here that I knew I wanted more contact time with kids. Becoming a teacher was the obvious next step toward fulfilling this goal.

Is there anything better than to watch a child experience an a-ha moment? I believe this is a big reason many of us become teachers and continue to develop our craft regularly.

My son Max, husband Julio, and dog Buddy join me on this exciting Korean adventure.
United States