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Job Posting

The following list reflects the primary academic needs of our PK-Grade 12 program for the academic year. We are happy to consider teachers and administrators who are interested and able to contribute to the life of the school through involvement in athletics, clubs, outdoor education, and the residential program.

In order to apply for positions on this site, must send your resume and cover letter to or the email address mentioned in the position you are interested in. If you already applied for the job vacancy your are interested in through Search Associate, it is not necessary for you to apply for that job vacancy through this portal site. 

 Title   Date Posted   Job Category 
 Front-End Support   | Apply for this position  09/28/2022   Staff 
 G1-G5 Maker Space   09/29/2022  Faculty 
 General Affairs Coordinator    09/23/2022   Staff 
 MS/US Math & Science Teacher   10/03/2022   Faculty 
 MS/US Spanish Teacher   11/06/2022   Faculty 
 Occasional Substitute Teacher   01/13/2021  Faculty
PYP Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher (G1-G5) 09/29/2022 Faculty
PYP Classroom Teacher (G1-G3)  09/29/2022 Faculty
PYP Music Teacher 09/29/2002 Faculty
US Biology Teacher 10/03/2022 Faculty
US Physics Teacher  10/03/2022 Faculty


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