View 2016-2017 Academic Calendar

School Calendar Manager
Village School Erica Kim, Crystal Won
Middle School Emily Choi
Upper School JiHye Kim

Departmental Calendars

Calendar Manager
Experiential Education Tim Henkels
Outdoor Education Tim Henkels
Service and Action Lindsay Won
Admissions Soleiman Dias
Performing Arts Geordan Sherd

To request a class on one of the facility calendars, view the calendar and click on the '+' icon. Your event will be posted if approved each facility's manager.

Village Facility Facility Manager
VS Curriculum Room Anya Dalais
VS Library Trudy Jager
VS Inquiry Lab Joy Radnich

MS/US Facility Facility Manager
Drama Room Sarah Williamson
MS/US Recital Hall Geordan Sherd
MS/US Cafeteria Glen Choi
MS/US Faculty Lounge Emily Choi, JiHye Kim
MS/US Atrium Emily Choi, JiHye Kim
MS Conference Room Emily Choi
US Conference Room JiHye Kim, Sue Kim
MS/US Library Catherine Buchanan

Theater Facility Facility Manager
Main Stage Theater Grace Hudkins
Black Box Grace Hudkins
Design Production Lab Chris Willauer

All School Facility Facility Manager
Field Sue Kim
Tennis Courts Sue Kim
Auxiliary Gym Sue Kim
Table Tennis Room Sue Kim
Main Gym Sue Kim
VS MPR Sue Kim
MPR 2 (C-218) Sue Kim
MPR 3 (C-221) Sue Kim
Bell Tower Sue Kim
Gymnastics Room Sue Kim
Swimming Pool Noah Randall
Swimming Pool Viewing Deck Noah Randall
Dance Studio Kay Boone, Dom Dalais

Leadership Facility Facilty Manager
Conference Room Jenny Yang
Telepresence Room Q:How to book the TP room?