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Founders' Circle

Secure Chadwick's legacy together

Through Founders' Circle, donors show their commitment to securing Chadwick’s legacy as a leader in global, whole-student education. Building a philanthropic culture at Chadwick International creates a positive ripple effect that is immeasurable. 

Families who donate are directly supporting our students, staff and community today, and they are also setting the stage for a promising future. Their generosity helps Chadwick continue to express our Core Values in action. 

Founders' circle

  • The family becomes a member of Founders' Circle when their accumulated donation reaches 50 million KRW. The Founders' Circle members can inscribe their names on the Founders' Circle Giving Tree in the foyer of the main theater.

  • 39 families joined Founders' Circle as of November 2019. 

  • Over 2 billion KRW has been donated by Founders' Circle as of November 2019.

Yearly record of Founders' Circle

Meet our Founders' Circle members