At Chadwick International, inclusion in a community of learning is possible and productive, because it is a collaborative process. It requires the work of not just learning specialists, but every teacher, parent and peer. Assessment must be well tailored to gauge growth. We must ask what does a task specific clarification look like. Which standards and benchmarks should be met? When is it appropriate to modify, or when can accommodations allow for the same task? How do we ensure mother tongue is supported, and the highest levels of achievement are still accessible for second language students? How are teachers advised and supported in these tasks? Inclusion as a collaborative act means that all members of our, child, faculty, parent...equally share in being a school of inclusion.

And to show the power of inclusion: it is also truly inspirational. It is inspirational for a teacher to be told that a student now loves mathematics. Why? Because her visual learning style was recognized, and she was allowed to learn differently through our inclusion model. She finds understanding and success, and is finally in a good place to build on her learning.

It is inspirational to see the art produced by a young woman who now believes in her gifts and her talents, and isn’t troubled by her learning disorder in reading. She has been given the tools and the latitude to understand and work with her unique brain, and no longer feels “dumb” and powerless.

We collaborate with other educators and inspire more schools to welcome their diverse learners with open arms.

All children have a right to be included in a community of learners.