Students are at the center of everything we do. Students are valued as unique learners with passions, skills and independent voices to be celebrated and developed.

Chadwick International puts students at the center of everything we do. This means that the needs of students are supported by all members of our community. Walking into a classroom one sees students actively engaged and adults working collaboratively with small groups or individual students. Classrooms are designed for optimal student learning not for teacher delivery of content. You will see seminar style Harkness tables, standing tables, kneeling tables and desks grouped to allow for discussion and collaboration. Teacher desks if they are present are out of the way and serve as a space for educators to work when students are not in the classroom.

Observing a class, one sees students actively engaged, asking questions, working toward solutions and offering up opinions. The dynamic between students and teacher is one of supported facilitation. Students share in decision making and drive the direction of the learning in many ways. Students know why they are learning something and work with the teacher to determine how they best can understand a particular concept. Students are trusted and expected to serve as leaders both inside and outside the classroom. One sees interactions that are respectful and balanced where student and teacher are working together as learners. In reality we are community focused – a school where students, teachers, parents and staff are invited to work together to set up the best learning environment possible for our students.