Language Development

The ability to learn and communicate through a range of languages is the mark of international education espoused by Chadwick’s mission to develop global-minded students, who will impact their world.

Language Learning at Chadwick includes supporting students in the learning of their mother-tongue while assisting the acquisition of additional languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, or Korean.English is the common language of teaching, learning, and communicating in the Village, Middle, and Upper Schools.

In the Village School, the language needs of students are accurately assessed and provided for, including support in one’s mother tongue.Each student remains in full care under a homeroom teacher, student support team member, and counselor, in order to ensure the child’s development of English, Spanish or Mandarin, and their first language.

In the Middle School, students are encouraged to take the first steps in acquiring an additional language through the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in Mandarin, Spanish, or Korean acquisition courses, while providing first language courses for Korean native students.Each student is assessed and placed according to their language needs in order that they can fully participate in the courses offered.

Students in the Upper School continue to develop their mother tongue and an additional language in pursuit of becoming a balanced bilingual/multilingual individual with global perspectives and leadership prowess.

Language remains the basic foundation upon which inquiry, conceptual development, critical thinking, and effective communication.