Chadwick International provides opportunities in an environment where leaders are actively encouraged, developed and mentored as they grow into the future leaders in their communities. Teamwork along with a competitive spirit is among the most important skills our students learn.

At CI, students have multiple opportunities for leadership - Village School through Upper School student council, Upper School Honor Council, various student-led clubs, after school activities, servant leader and more.

Early in their schooling, potential leaders are encouraged to take leadership roles under the supervision of mentor teachers, coaches and various activities. As they move into Middle School and eventually Upper School, they are poised and ready to lead; student council, school clubs and CI athletic teams.

Student leadership is a developmental process where students are mentored by caring teachers who instruct and guide them as they grow and develop. Under the watchful eye of these mentors, students take on greater levels of responsibility eventually starting or leading clubs and initiatives at Chadwick International. These servant leaders are encouraged to lead by example and help develop the future leaders of Chadwick International.

CI has created a caring community led by students who know how to collaborate, how to express ideas, how to divide up work and how to agree about how to get things done.

Character and leadership are taught throughout all programs including physical education/athletics and the arts in which all students participate. Our goal is to develop students who consistently display persistence, courage, teamwork, sportsmanship, respect and individual commitment, as well as a competitive spirit.

Leadership is taught by emphasizing our core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, fairness and compassion.