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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Self-expression outside the classroom 

Middle School is a proverbial playground where curious Chadwick International students explore new passions and interests, form meaningful bonds and discover their potential to change the world.


Middle School athletics give students a chance to get more specialized in their sport(s) and compete at a higher level. They learn dedication, communication, how to balance multiple commitments, teamwork and sportsmanship. They also enjoy unique opportunities for travel and service through their athletic commitments.


Outdoor Education

Outdoor education in the Middle School presents a world of opportunities for students to experience unprecedented growth at a highly impressionable time in their lives. As they encounter new physical, mental and emotional challenges, critical skills are sharpened that shape their character and their worldview.  


Performing Arts

Middle School students enhance creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, self-efficacy and social emotional well-being through Chadwick’s performing arts program. As they learn to play one of more than 20 instruments, hone dramatic skills in the theater and express their voice in choral music, students experience the power of performance to shift perspectives and spark connection. 



Visual Arts

Visual Arts in the Middle School teaches students to trust their vision and share their personal stories. As they practice new skills and reflect on each others’ work in a variety of artistic mediums like digital design, clay, mixed media, photography, drawing, painting and printmaking, students become masterful at solving problems creatively. Showcases throughout the year allow them to exhibit their work. 


Global Programs

Chadwick’s Global Programs offer an array of cultural opportunities that transform students into global citizens. Exchanges between Chadwick International in Songdo and Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California, help forge rich connections and broaden perspectives. As one of over 200 Round Square schools, Chadwick students participate in global conferences, events and initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity and tackle real world issues.


Beyond the Classroom