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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Integrative learning that inspires action, service and conviction

Chadwick International Middle School students actively explore and engage information in ways that have them fall in love with learning. In every subject, students are required to ask questions, take action and reflect on the results. Connections are formed and information is deeply ingrained through tangible, meaningful experiences. That practice has them become critical thinkers and passionate problem-solvers driven to pursue life with purpose and conviction. 

As Middle School students explore a wide range of issues and ideas, they’re challenged to make connections between subjects and apply creative solutions. Learning is well-rounded, going beyond traditional subjects to include the performing and visual arts, athletics, outdoor education, global programs and service learning. 

Chadwick teachers strike the delicate balance of encouraging independence while providing thoughtful mentorship that nurtures personal and academic progress. Small classrooms foster individual attention, group discussion and positive interactions that make learning interesting and fun. Students are primed to take charge of their educational adventure as they prepare for the rigor of Upper School academics. 

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Chadwick Middle School individuals and societies courses have a strong focus on inquiry and investigation. Students engage with real-world examples from a variety of disciplines and have the opportunity to find and make meaning for themselves.

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Middle School science at Chadwick offers students hands-on experiential learning. Through guided inquiry, students make discoveries for themselves and develop a sense of ownership and achievement.

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