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Middle School News

Grade 6 students were officially welcomed to the Middle School with the BOOM orientation experience this week. Students participated in two days of team building activities outside of the classroom designed to foster positive attitudes and relationships as they begin their Middle School careers. Highlights of the schedule included surfing at Siheung Wave Park, biking through Songdo, and participating in a class-wide amazing race activity. 
Middle School can be a big transition for students as they adjust from homeroom-based classes in the Village School to subject-based classes in the Middle School. It is a time for students that brings more independence, more autonomy, more choice, and also more responsibility. In its fourth year, BOOM gives students the opportunity to practice collaboration and self-management skills in a safe and supportive environment.
Most importantly, BOOM helps Middle School students forge meaningful connections with teachers and peers right from the start of the year. It supports Chadwick’s goal of creating a community where all students are fully accepted and feel comfortable sharing their full selves. The two-day program gave students ample opportunity to bond with their classmates and teachers while challenging themselves and having fun. Welcome to the Middle School, Class of 2028!