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Global Social Leaders Training 2

Dozens of Chadwick Middle School students participated in an after-school virtual global leadership development program this week. While students were inspired to join the conference with many different passions and goals in mind, they share the common belief that we are all responsible for making the changes that we wish to see in the world, no matter our age. 

The training was organized by Global Social Leaders, a transformational youth movement powered by the British organization Future Foundations, in partnership with Chadwick International. The interactive online workshop was designed to help students enhance their leadership skills, gain greater understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and either begin or improve an existing social action project. This training is part of the prize awarded to Greener is Cleaner for their winning submission in the 2019-2020 GSL Global Goals Competition.

Students from Chadwick were joined by students from Hong Kong, the Philippines and Qatar, giving them the opportunity to create connections and explore collaborative solutions with students from diverse backgrounds. We look forward to seeing all that these global citizens will accomplish here on campus and beyond.