Welcome to 2018-19 School Year!

Dear Chadwick Community Members,

Welcome to 2018-19 School Year!

We are excited to create another wonderful school year!

Here are some excerpts from the speeches delivered by Mr.Ted Hill, Head of School, and Yoo Bin Cho, President of All Student Body during All School Assembly.

"It is much more important to us (and ultimately to you the student) WHO you are becoming day by day than WHAT you accomplish."

"We create the school all over again from scratch every year. WE are the school - not the buildings or the programs or the classes. So WE can make the school whatever we want it to be, every day and every moment. And since students outnumber faculty staff by 8 to 1, STUDENTS are by far the most important factor in making Chadwick whatever it will be in 2018-9."

- Ted Hill, Head of School

"Don't leave an opportunity to voice yourself hanging, however big or small it may be. Question what is around you and if you find an answer, don't keep it to yourself. Let's light our very own, small candle so that when one of our pre-kindergarteners is standing right here, where I am, that candle will have become a bonfire."

- Yoo Bin Cho, President of All Student Body

Click here to view the photos of All School Assembly.