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Campus Map

The Campus Maps are updated via Resources.  Each collection is a point on the map. 

BPA includes the existing campus map with plot points set up with galleries

The campus map BPA, reference page below

Adding Images to Map Gallery

  1. Go to Resources, and then Public Galleries
  2. Go to "Campus Map" gallery
  3. click the down arrow, you will see the full list of map points/locations
  4. Add to each - a photo or photos from Resources

    Note: Images should be 540 pixels wide x 400 pixels high or 960 pixels wide x 640 pixels high
    • Staying consistent with the photo sizes within each individual plot point is helpful to keep a consistent image size in the slideshow

  5. Click the pencil icon to open the image properties add title and description if needed.

    Title of the image is the text that appears on the image
  • To alter the content in the slideshow under the image use the Description field.
    • Large Title Text should be a H3
    • Descriptive text is the paragraph text
  • We recommend you add Alt Text to each photo so that screen readers can read the photo

Any updates you make will appear on the campus map

Creating additional Points for each location on the Map

If you are comfortable using Composer you can follow these steps to add additional points to your map

  1. Turn off Compose Mode (The compose button at the button of the browser should be grey, not blue)

  2. Refresh the page to ensure proper positioning

  3. Click on the map exactly where you want the location point to be.

  4. Click copy on the pop up.

  5. Turn Compose Mode on.

  6. Click Edit Content in the one of the locations boxes that you want your new point to be categorized under.

  7. Click on HTML mode (<> button)

  8. Paste anywhere between the 'ul' and '/ul' tags

    Note: The order of the list determines the numbers associated on the map
  9. Replace 'ENTER TITLE HERE' with name of the location.

  10. Click on HTML mode again to return to text

  11. Click on the link to edit the anchor.

  12. Select the media tab

  13. Browse for the associated slideshow

  14. Click save

  15. Click save on the locations Content Element

  16. Repeat all steps for each point to be added

  17. Click Publish