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Faculty Profiles

Faculty profiles are set up as a series of content elements together in a container element.

Each individual faculty will have their own content element.

To see the example page for Faculty Profiles, reference page below

Adding Faculty Profiles

  1. Copy Content Element
  2. Past element in order you want them to be displayed

Faculty Profile Images

  1. Click on the Gear icon
  2. Expand Design settings to update images

    Note: The image that displays on load is set in the 'Header Content' area
    Note: The image that displays on hover is set in the 'Footer Content' area
  3. Double click on the image to source update as desired
  4. Hit Save

Faculty Profile Pop Up Content

  1. Hover over element
  2. Click Edit Content
  3. Update text as needed

    Note: faculty name is set to heading 2

    Note: Grade level / Class is set to heading 3
  4. Hit Save