Life lessons learned through competitive play


Chadwick International athletics is an integral part of student life that begins in the Village School and continues raising the bar each year after. 

With 15 major sports available — including fencing and ice hockey — as well as clubs and CICP (Chadwick International Community Program) activities, students have a wealth of opportunities to discover and develop their athletic talents. It all starts with our youngest students in the Village School Early Years program. 

Competing in individual and team sports fosters confidence, leadership and meaningful bonds with coaches, peers and even opponents. Students learn to set ambitious goals that require consistent practice, perseverance and discipline — all while balancing the demands of their academic and personal lives. They also discover the thrill of pushing past perceived limitations.

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Chadwick International currently offers 15 competitive sports 


In 2019, the Chadwick International boys soccer team won the first ever KAIAC Boys Soccer Cup


In 2019, Varsity Dolphins broke 12 school records


Chadwick is accredited by the World Academy of Sport as an Athlete Friendly Education Centre

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