Athletics Program Overview

Where competition builds character

Chadwick International students are always encouraged to compete at their best, but the real focus of the program is to experience the joy of the journey.

Students learn to lose gracefully and become resilient in the process. When someone suffers a defeat, their fellow Dolphins rally to support them. They learn that success comes not through talent alone, but through hard work, persistence and teamwork. 

Global athletic trips give students a chance to play and compete while gaining invaluable cultural perspective. Some trips and tournaments include multiple divisions, which promotes a strong sense of community among students, parents and faculty. At each level, program leaders offer opportunities for parents to connect, participate and learn about their child’s athletic progression. 

Competitive sports begin in the Village School Early Years program, where students are encouraged to have fun and connect with their peers as they explore a wide variety of both popular and unique sports. As they build a strong athletic foundation, students practice being bold, fair and confident in their endeavors. A philosophy of inclusivity promotes a no-cut policy in the Village and Middle Schools so that students can simply enjoy the experience of playing different sports and cultivating skills that will serve them as they encounter more rigorous competition in the Upper School.

In the Middle School, sports become more specialized. As students begin to compete at a higher level, they learn important lessons in teamwork, communication and accountability. Challenges on the field build resilience and teach students to handle both victory and defeat with grace. By the time students reach the Upper School, they understand what it takes to persevere both on and off the field. 

As Upper School students carefully balance athletics and academics, they learn effective communication, time management and responsibility. They also get to pass along their wisdom and gain leadership experience coaching their specialty sports to Village School students. The Upper School aquatics program was proud to host its first international swim meet in 2019. Its increasing success each year and fierce showing at the KAIAC Championship promise a very bright future.

Athletic trips and exchanges

Exciting athletic trips and exchanges take students to places like U.S., Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and China, where they engage in competitive play and experience unique opportunities for cultural and personal growth. 


The Athletics Council ensures that well-being, character development and Chadwick’s Core Values are integrated at each level of the program.

Athlete of the Week

A male and female “Athlete of the Week” are chosen to reflect good sportsmanship, character and determination. (For example, when a runner fell down during a race, a Chadwick student helped him up and walked with him to the finish.)

Student coaching programs

Student coaching programs let Middle and Upper School students volunteer as part of a CAS (Creative, Active & Service) project or personal project. 

Songdo 7's

Songdo 7 is a 2-day international soccer tournament held at Chadwick for Village and Middle School students. It unites Chadwick students with those from China, Japan and Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California.

Sport-specific clinics

Chadwick hosts sport-specific clinics throughout the year. Several schools are invited to intermix and compete together so that students not only learn new skills, but make friends with their peers from other schools.


An inspiring visit from the Women's U.S. Alpine Olympic Ski Team gave students, parents and staff valuable insight into the world of Olympic athletes. Team members, Alice McKennis, Stacey Cook, Laurenne Ross, Breezy Johnson and Jackie Wiles answered questions and shared their perspectives on gracefully balancing the demands of being a student and an athlete.