Boys Cross Country

The Philosophy of Chadwick Cross-Country

It is hoped that students participating in Chadwick’s cross-country program will learn two fundamental things:

  • The importance of physical training in preparation for athletic competition and a healthy lifestyle after graduation
  • Practice in utilizing Chadwick’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion through membership in a very special team.

In order to benefit from physical training, the coaches feel that:

  • One must run long distances (as opposed to practicing another sport) to achieve one’s potential as a distance runner
  • Occasionally athletes must practice at a pace faster than that of their comfort zone in order to be a successful racer
  • Runners require rest (as opposed to practicing another sport) if they are to improve
  • Athletes must do the important things — run at the proper pace, rest, stretch, regenerate, hydrate eat nutritiously — that usually happen when the coaches are not watching
  • Chadwick students must moderate their many activities — including running — given the multiple activities they undertake.


In order to be a productive member of the team, the coaches feel that:

  • Every athlete has an obligation to respect and to follow the community standards represented by the teachings of the coaches, the guidelines established by the athletes, and the rules of the school in general. All of the standards held by the coaches, the athletes, and the school have the core values at their heart.
  • Because the most important things that make for a good runner occur when the coaches are not watching, students must exercise responsibility for themselves daily.

A cross-country team is a family, with all of the ups and downs inherent in sharing space with individual people who share goals. Every day everyone should work to demonstrate respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness and compassion in their dealings with one another.