Program Overview

Village School

Sowing seeds of character 

Chadwick’s Outdoor Education program provides the perfect backdrop for experiential education by giving students opportunities to challenge and develop themselves in their natural environment. Starting as early as Pre-K, students begin exploring the wonders of the outdoors, building critical communication and problem-solving skills that shape who they become and how they approach challenges later in life. 


Middle School

Cultivating character in the outdoors 

Outdoor Education in the Middle School presents a world of opportunities for students to experience unprecedented growth at a highly impressionable time in their young lives. As they encounter new physical, mental and emotional challenges, they sharpen critical skills that shift their view of the world and shape their character forever.  


Upper School

Challenging expeditions & transformative experiences

In the Upper School Outdoor Education program, remote expeditions help prepare students for the challenges they’ll face well beyond their time at Chadwick International. Building on the skills learned in previous years, students must band together to successfully complete their course journey. As they engage in adventurous activities that align with Chadwick's Core Values, lessons in leadership are learned, priceless memories are made and self-respect is won.