Performing Arts


Setting The Stage For Self-Expression

The performing arts at Chadwick International is a highly collaborative program that gives all students an opportunity to play a role in bringing artistic visions to life.

Whether coordinating the bright lights from behind the scenes or playing piano center stage, performing arts students uncover a treasure trove of talents they never knew they had. 

From as early as Pre-K, Chadwick students are introduced to the wondrous worlds of music and theater. With a focus on process rather than perfection, students are encouraged to boldly experiment in challenging-yet-playful environments that support their individuality. The safe spaces created by Chadwick’s passionate staff give students at all levels the courage to express themselves more fully than ever before.

The energy throughout Chadwick halls leading up to performances is electric. Through students' voices, acting, music and technical prowess, the stage becomes a vehicle for unprecedented creative self-expression. Confidence and self-esteem soar and new doors of possibility are opened.  

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Grade 7 Drama Showcase

Grade 7 drama students recently completed a unit on "Devising for Change." Throughout this unit, students delved into research on pressing global issues and then explored the impactful world of theatrical storytelling through Tableau and Mime.

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Member of 3 Music associations nationally and worldwide: AMIS, KIMEA, TRI-M



CI conducts 20+ concerts or performances every year.



CI has 15 extra-curricular performing arts clubs.