Mastering the universal language of music

The Music program brings the spirit of Chadwick International to life. Vocal and instrumental students perform in festivals, solos and ensemble concerts both on and off campus that connect our community. They learn about creating, analyzing and performing different styles of music. Music is a magical medium of communication, creativity and self-expression. Students discover its power to connect across cultures. Along the way, they develop a love of the arts, form deep bonds and have lots of fun! 

The strength of Chadwick's Music program is in its diversity of opportunities and collaborative spirit.

Geordan Sherd, Middle & Upper School Music Teacher

From jazz to Baroque, music students use their voice or their instrument to practice independence and synchronicity. Many conduct ensembles while others help select and even compose music for live concerts. All are powerful contributors who come together to produce moving and culturally relevant performances. Whether they choose to pursue music professionally or not, students learn the power of perseverance and the beauty of expressing oneself through music. 

Weekly reflections on the technical and personal aspects of being a musician and music’s deeply-rooted influence on societies foster global citizenship, self-knowledge and leadership. Visits from guest artists and teachers from outside Chadwick further enrich the student experience. Chadwick students also host and make music in national and international festivals via KIMEA (Korea International Music Educators Association) and AMIS (Association of Music in International Schools).

Clubs like Honor Orchestra and Jazz Band give students added opportunities to make music and hone leadership skills. 

The Instrumental Music Program (IMP) is available to all grades as a co-curricular option (at an additional cost) for students who want to get private lessons in addition to their regular music classes. Students can choose from a wide variety of instruments — including traditional Korean instruments — and lessons are taught from beginner to advanced levels. Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour and take place during or after school.

Instrumental Music Program

Approximately 30% of students participate in the Instrumental Music Program.

Music in the Village School

In the Village School Music program, students discover the power of music to inspire and transform. Starting in Pre-K, music classes are taught in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) framework. As they learn to compose, analyze and perform both vocally and instrumentally, students develop musical literacy. Reading music, trying a variety of instruments and exploring their vocal range promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, self-efficacy and social emotional well-being. They learn to take risks and to appreciate music’s impact on historical and modern culture. They also become confident performers who have fun honing their artistic craft. 

Whether creating or performing, Chadwick music students work as a team. Students are also given opportunities to develop leadership and vital social skills by leading exploratory and after-school music ensembles such as Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Choir. These learning opportunities culminate with all students in the Village School participating in two concerts — one in winter and one in spring. The annual musical involves a music, dance and drama collaboration for students in Grades 3 - 5. 

Music in the Middle School

Middle School music students expand their repertoire through vibrant vocal and instrumental performances. They also analyze and compose music, lead others in rehearsals, and conduct and respond to learning in the music class. Based on the instruments and performance styles they want to explore, students can choose from strings, band and general music courses. Students get to perform in school concerts and music festivals both in Korea and abroad. 

In addition to their academic music courses, Middle School music students have the opportunity to enrich their experience in clubs and activities that include Jazz Band, Rock Band, Honor String Orchestra, Bands and Choir. All students learn a variety of musical concepts including play, interpretation, aesthetics, expression, communication and change. 

Music in the Upper School

In Grades 11 and 12, students enhance their musical perception, creation and performance. They learn to analyze, create, discuss, perform and write about music that stems from different cultures, places and time periods. In the process, they become informed, reflective practitioners.

Chadwick International also offers a 1:1 private music lesson program where students can learn alongside highly qualified teachers on a wide variety of instruments from classical Western instruments and voice, to Korean traditional instruments. Students have the opportunity to perform a solo recital at the end of each term in the Main Theater.

Jazz Band is a fun-filled club open to Upper School students by audition. Club members organize group performances at concerts and functions throughout the year. These typically include school concerts and receptions like graduation, KIMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival, and gigs at places such as outlets and shopping malls.

Honor Orchestra is a Symphony Orchestra for Grades 9 through 12. This club prepares the Winter and Spring Concerts at Chadwick International. The club members also prepare an audition for both KAIAC orchestra/band honor festival and Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) honor orchestra/band festival. Certain club members can also volunteer to provide lessons for Village School students.