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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Helping students navigate the next chapter with clarity and confidence

At Chadwick, there’s a willingness to be more than just students. They cherish opportunities to be artists and athletes, to pursue leadership opportunities and to give back to the community through service learning. That’s what makes our students so special.

College Counseling

Choosing the right college is one of the most critical decisions a student will ever face. Nearly 150 prospective colleges and universities visit campus each year. With 100 percent of Chadwick graduates planning to attend colleges and universities in nearly a dozen different countries each year, great care and attention are given to supporting students and their parents through the application and selection process. Starting with age-appropriate parent teas in the Village and Middle Schools, and continuing with regular information sessions and individual consultations in the Upper School, Chadwick International’s college counseling team helps families one step at a time so they’re empowered and excited about their options. 

College prep at CI extends beyond academics. CI students experience cultural exposure and immersion that helps them assimilate more easily into college life abroad. 

Our college advisors are university admissions and college counseling veterans. They love getting to know each and every student, investigating and evaluating their options, and helping them powerfully step into the future they envision. 

In the spirit of Chadwick’s philosophy of whole child education, we encourage choices that nurture both their academic and personal success. As globally-minded citizens, many Chadwick students go on to attend top universities throughout the world where they continue to make a difference in their communities. 

Chadwick’s college counseling resources at a glance

At the beginning of each year, the college counseling team provides Upper School students with a "roadmap" to college. Each grade is presented with an outline of critical steps needed to ensure preparedness. Weekly college counseling newsletters, parent teas, and student meetings are provided throughout the year for additional support with an emphasis on open, honest communication.

Counselors join every course selection meeting with Grade 10 students and parents to help ensure that their choices align with their goals for the future. Grade 11 students receive individual college counseling for one-on-one attention and guidance. 

Weekly College Seminars begin in December of Grade 11 and run through November of Grade 12 with topics that include: 

  • understanding individual learning styles
  • researching careers
  • exploring colleges
  • understanding differences among colleges/universities
  • researching different countries and systems
  • building resumes
  • preparing for college visits 
  • practicing admission interviews
  • drafting application essays
  • filling out applications

In one college seminar, students are asked to envision their future by:

  • choosing a university
  • calculating the total cost of earning a bachelor's degree
  • choosing a career path and exploring the average salaries
  • picking a city in which to live and exploring the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment
  • tallying up their living expenses (utilities, phone, television, transportation costs, monthly entertainment budget, etc.)
  • creating a monthly budget
  • determining whether or not their career and lifestyle decisions are possible and sustainable

Representatives from over 150 colleges and universities around the world visit CI throughout the year.