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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

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Chadwick International Upper School students aspire to be confident, well-rounded and compassionate human beings. With courses designed to encourage their inner leader, Chadwick students dare to dream big. Balancing a robust academic schedule alongside co-curricular and personal commitments is powerful preparation for college life and beyond.

Energized classroom discussions enhance students' collaborative and social skills. They rigorously research and investigate course material in real-world contexts, draw their own conclusions and effectively communicate complex ideas. They challenge each other to defend different viewpoints from a constructively critical place. Students find this method of learning both challenging and fulfilling.

What students discover in one course often carries over into others, so they’re constantly making exciting connections and looking at the world through inquisitive eyes. By consistently setting and overcoming academic challenges, they learn lessons, build habits and develop skills that will serve them for life. As graduation approaches, students are accomplished, self-aware and self-assured individuals who are ready to take on the next chapter of their lives.

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In the Chadwick Upper School, mathematics teachers facilitate an internal journey of discovery, helping students to see math as a useful and relevant tool in their lives now and in the future.

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In Upper School language and literature courses, Chadwick students are encouraged to harness their own identities, cultural experiences, and individual perspectives while exploring the work of diverse authors and text types. 

Spotlight: Boom Trip

Ninth Grade students and faculty/advisors participate annually in the BOOM program, a week long opportunity for experiential learning in October. All students travel to Namhae Island off the south coast of the Korean Peninsula to immerse themselves in experiential and service activities in this unique area of the country.

Spotlight: Personal Project

The IB Middle Years Programme personal project is a long-term independent learning project where students explore a globally relevant topic of their choice over an extended period of time. As they investigate their topic in depth, students gain self-reliance and build vital communication, critical and creative thinking, self-management, research and collaborative skills. They also gain perspective about their own long-term interests and how they can impact in the world. Students use a journal to document their thinking, outline goals, research ideas and track progress throughout the process before presenting their findings for review. It’s a creative endeavor that encompasses all the skills needed to excel in the IB Diploma Programme. 

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