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David Jung and Katy Seul

From a young age, David Jung has been interested in developing software as a way to improve the world. Now a sophomore at Chadwick International, he has developed several applications aimed at making life better and safer for members of the community. This November, his hard work and creativity earned him an award at the Samsung Junior Coding Competition as well as a sizable donation to Chadwick.
David's prize-winning app maps out the safest route for people walking late at night. Using artificial intelligence, the app collects data on population and brightness to direct users toward routes with the least opportunity for crime. David had recently heard a news story about how crimes are more likely to occur in dark and isolated areas. The concept resonated with a memory he had from middle school when he took a short-cut only to find that a street light was out on his path. While nothing bad happened, he remembered how vulnerable he had felt, and he decided to help others avoid ending up in the same situation.
Chadwick design teacher Katy Seul, who served as his mentor for the competition, commends David not just for his interest in improving his technical skills, but also his passion for putting them to good use. “David is always trying to make something useful for people and is full of creative ideas,” said Ms. Seul. David previously designed an app to support restaurant owners during COVID-19 and recently won another competition for an app to help visually impaired people follow social distancing guidelines.
Now that the competition is over, David is back to work on a software project that he began last year with some of his fellow classmates. This time, the project is aimed at improving aspects of the student experience at Chadwick. By combining his passions, creativity and skills, David is sure to continue making a difference in the community.