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Upper School News

Upper School students were given the unique opportunity to engage in an open discussion with Mirinae Lee, the author of the novel "8 Lives of a Century-Old Trickster." Prior to the meeting, students diligently read a chapter from her book in preparation. During the session, one student astutely observed that Lee's realistic explanations of violence and characterization were both appropriate and reasonable and made the book an engaging read.


Ms. Lee expressed her admiration and gratitude for the precise and thought-provoking questions posed by our students. Inquiries such as, "What was your rationale for concealing the main character's name?" "Why did you choose the particular title for your book?" and "How long did it take you to write this debut novel?" showcased the intellectual curiosity of our students.


Given that many of our students have learned English as their second language, they felt acknowledged, understood, and inspired by Ms. Lee's recollection of her journey toward publishing her debut novel. Having been born and raised in Korea, Ms. Lee confessed that English literature was her weakest subject in school. Nevertheless, her passion for the subject matter led her to pursue a major in English literature at university. When a student shared their tendency to obsess over each sentence while writing, in order to ensure the accurate conveyance of their intended meaning, Ms. Lee offered a revealing piece of advice. She candidly acknowledged her own ongoing struggles with this aspect of writing, noting that she is a relatively slow writer. "Do not worry too much," she reassured. “Everyone at their own pace." She encouraged our students to read and write as much as possible and to make sure that they make the time and space for something fun, like writing a journal or a short story.


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mirinae Lee for her enlightening discussion and for graciously signing books as cherished keepsakes. The experience proved to be truly invaluable, offering our students a remarkable learning opportunity.


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