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Upper School News

Graduation Entrance 2021

On June 5, Chadwick International celebrated the 73 seniors in the Class of 2021. Chadwick’s sixth graduating class will long be remembered for their tenacity, their talents, their resilience and their grace. Their combined academic, athletic and artistic achievements, as well as the way that they have lived the Core Values, have left a lasting mark on our community. 

While attendance was restricted, graduates and their families were delighted at the opportunity to have an in-person Commencement Ceremony. In addition to the presentation of diplomas, attendees heard from faculty and student speakers and watched the Senior Video premiere. 

Drawing upon her recent experience taking up the new hobby of bouldering, Ms. JiYoung Won, Upper School business management and economics teacher, advised students to have a plan, but also to have the courage to change it. “Trust your intuition, don’t be afraid to course-correct, you have more time than you think,” she assured graduates. “There are more ways than one to succeed and it is up to you to define it.”

On a similar note, All Student Body President Tom Choi reminded students not to expect perfection, but rather to know that mistakes will happen along the way. “Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever dream you are pursuing, it suits you!” he encouraged. “And that’s what’s important.”

Whether they go on to achieve their original goals or move into uncharted territories, students in the Class of 2021 will go forth with the support of the entire Chadwick community. As Head of School Mr. Ted Hill reminded graduates, “You will be a cherished member of our family, the Chadwick family, for the rest of your life. You go forward and outward today with our trust, our deep respect, and most of all our love. And we hope that you will share that love with everyone you meet, wherever you may go.”

Congratulations and good luck to the Class of 2021!