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Upper School News

Grade 10 physical education students celebrated International Week by exploring the game of Ki O Rahi, a traditional Māori game from New Zealand (Aotearoa) as part of their current unit of "Team Games." The game is played on a circular playing field with two teams changing roles between Taniwha (powerful creatures from Māori stories) and Kaitiaki (guardians) where they accumulate points by touching the poles around the edge of the playing field and then work together to convert those into scoring plays hitting the tupu (target) in the middle of the field. Students explored and demonstrated the different traits of being a positive and impactful team member by learning their own and each other's strengths. During Ki O Rahi, students also learned some basic Māori words and Māori traditions of storytelling. Ka Pai (well done) to our amazing Grade 10 whanau (family)!


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