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Upper School News

Chadwick International MYP students dedicated months of hard work and commitment to creating innovative and creative projects, which were on full display during the MYP Personal Project Exhibition (PPX) last Friday, May 12. These projects were a genuine representation of their passions, interests and unique personalities, demonstrating their comprehensive understanding of the MYP learning objectives. PPX drew large audiences from the Chadwick community, providing an excellent opportunity for students to share their projects with peers, teachers and parents. 


The Personal Project is a significant aspect of the MYP, giving students the chance to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, communication and research. The exhibition highlighted projects on a broad range of topics, including philosophy, sustainability, healthy cooking, crochet, architecture and psychology. We are proud of our students and thankful for the support and encouragement provided by parents, teachers and the school community. Congratulations to all our MYP students for their dedication and accomplishments!


View photos here.