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Tents on Campus

Last week, the Outdoor Education season kicked off with sunshine, blue skies and a considerable amount of excitement. While this year’s programs are shorter and closer to home, after a one-year hiatus as a result of the pandemic, students were delighted to have the opportunity to participate in what is traditionally one of the highlights of the Chadwick school year. Through outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and camping, students deepen their understanding of themselves and strengthen their relationships with their peers. 

Grade 9 students had the first opportunity to explore the outdoors in and around Songdo, taking advantage of Saeachim Park, Pentaport and the Incheon Ridge Trail. Each Upper School grade will have a turn at Outdoor Education (OE) this month, followed by Middle School and Grade 4 and 5. Chadwick’s OE program aims to empower students with a sense of self and place through a progression of outdoor competencies. “Our Grade 9 students set a great example for the rest of our groups to follow,” said Director of Outdoor Education Ryan Lofgren. “Despite having to devote extra time to thoroughly follow additional health and safety protocols, students truly made the most of the experience and have so much to be proud of. We witnessed so much growth in just a matter of days.”

Traditionally, Outdoor Education trips take students to destinations throughout Korea, increasing in length and independence as students rise in grade level. Instead, this year small groups of tents cropped up around campus in preparation for students’ first night of the three-day experience. The change of plans created an unanticipated ripple across campus as our younger students explored and questioned the reasons behind the new encampment on the Bell Tower lawn. While their first OE overnight isn’t scheduled to take place until Grade 4, our early years students are already looking forward to it.

More information on Chadwick's Outdoor Education program is available on our website.