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Summer has officially begun for many high school seniors across the globe as they turn in their final papers and complete the last of their exams. While some students may already be enjoying their well-deserved leisure time before diving into their freshman year of college, one group of Chadwick seniors is working hard to benefit our school one last time before Graduation Day on June 6.

Grade 12 students Logan, Tom, Jiwon and Jun, along with sophomore David Jung, have been building a startup company with the goal of investing all of its future profits back into Chadwick International. They began working toward this idea in 2017, and now they are just one step away from receiving funding to take their enterprise, BizWiz, to the next level. The entrepreneurs just need additional people to take a couple of minutes to create an account on their website. 

BizWiz is a multi-sided microsurvey platform that allows small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to track consumer preferences and opinions in real time. Using the BizWiz platform, SMEs will be able to construct and register micro-surveys based on the real-world challenges that they are facing at a reasonable price. The entrepreneurs aim to revolutionize the formula with novel and engaging surveying methods that will forge stronger bonds between SMEs and consumers. 

In addition to building their company, these students have created the Chadwick Accelerator for Entrepreneurs (CHACE Fund) where they will channel all of the proceeds from their business. This fund will financially support future entrepreneurship projects at CI and act as another source of finance for student-led initiatives. In the same way that the CI Annual Fund supports service-related activities, the CHACE fund will specifically support initiatives that encourage entrepreneurial spirit at CI. In their time at Chadwick, they’ve witnessed the interest many students have in entrepreneurship, and they intend to nurture this passion in the years to come. 

If you would like to help support Logan, Tom, Jiwon, Jun and David, please consider creating an account on BizWiz by following the registration process here. Or, visit their website to learn about their startup in detail.